Monday, December 31

Top 10 of 2018: Books I'm Looking Forward to in 2019

~ Top 10 Books I'm Dying For ~

10. The Quiet at the End of the World by Lauren James

Genre: YA - Sci-Fi
Release Date: March 7, 2019

I'm super excited for this book. I've read all of Lauren James' books to date and she just has such a special talent for writing incredible books. I cannot wait for this one to come out. Is it March yet?

9. Sherwood by Meagan Spooner

Genre: YA - Retelling
Release Date: March 19, 2019

I'm a huge fan of YA retellings and I adore retellings of Robin Hood. This one by Meagan Spooner just sounds incredible and I cannot wait to read it.

8. Two Can Keep A Secret by Karen M. McManus

Genre: YA - Thriller / Mystery
Release Date: January 10, 2019

I read Karen M McManus' 'One of Us is Lying' this year and I absolutely adored it. Her books are not my usual choice of genre but there's just something about them that I love and her books just keep me guessing so I can't wait to pick up this one when it's released in a few weeks.

  7. The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

Genre: Adult - Fantasy
Release Date: February 26, 2019

I haven't read anything by Samantha Shannon before but I am a huge fan of fantasy books and this one just sounds incredible. Besides, look at that stunning cover. I just can't wait to get my hands on this one.

6. Wild Savage Stars (Sweet Black Waves #2) by Kristina Perez

Genre: YA - Fantasy / Retelling
Release Date: August 27, 2019

I absolutely loved Sweet Black Waves, the first book in this fantasy retelling of Tristan and Isolde. It totally broke me heart and I cannot wait to get my hands on this one. August needs to hurry up.

5. Call It What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer

Genre: YA - Contemporary
Release Date: June 25, 2019

I am such an enormous fan of Brigid Kemmerer. I have devoured all of her books and she is one of the only authors that I will read contemporary by. I'm not a big lover of contemporary but there's just something about Brigid's books. I can't wait.

4. Children of Virtue and Vengeance (Orisha Legacy #2) by Tomi Adeyemi

Genre: YA - Fantasy
Release Date: March 5, 2019

I loved Children of Blood and Bone. It was one of my all time favourite reads of the year so naturally I cannot wait to read the sequel.

3. The Everlasting Rose (The Belles #2) by Dhonielle Clayton

Genre: YA - Dystopia
Release Date: March 5, 2019

Like number 4 on the list I am super excited for The Everlasting Rose as it's the sequel to one of my favourite reads of the year. March 5th is going to be one exciting day!

2. Rage (Stormheart #2) by Cora Carmack

Genre: YA - Fantasy
Release Date: June 11, 2019

Rage was on my list of 2018 'can't wait for books' but then it got pushed back to 2019 so it's back. I loved Roar so much and cannot wait for this one to release this year.

1. A Curse So Dark and Lonely (A Curse So Dark and Lonely #1) by Brigid Kemmerer

Genre: YA - Fantasy
Release Date: January 29, 2019

I am soooo excited for this book. I'm probably cheating by having this one as number one on the list as I already own an ARC of this one but I am just too excited for it to officially release. 

What are your most anticipated 2019 books?

Sunday, December 30

Top 10 of 2018: Best of the Best

~ Top 10 Books of 2018 ~

10. A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood

A Sky Painted Gold is not my usual type of read. I usually stick to fantasy books but I adored the cover of this book and decided to give it a go. A Sky Painted Gold is beautifully written and everything about it is just stunning. I finished it in one sitting so naturally it had to be one of my top reads of the year.

Read my review of A Sky Painted Gold by clicking here

9. Tarnished City (Dark Gifts #2) by Vic James

The Dark Gifts series was one of the series that I read in its completion this year. I absolutely loved every single moment of the full series but it was the middle book of the series which was my absolute favourite. This series is so dark and really thought-provoking and this comes out the most in Tarnished City. 

8. Eve of Man (Eve of Man #1) by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

I've always been a massive fan of Giovanna's adult novels so I was super excited to hear about Eve of Man. I absolutely loved this incredible dystopia novel. I adore dystopia books and I think having this as a duel point of view made it so much more addicting as you saw two very different perspectives of the ongoings of this skewed society. It was brilliant and I cannot wait for book 2.

7. The Orphan Queen (The Orphan Queen #1) by Jodi Meadows

I am an enormous fan of YA Fantasy novels and this one had been on my radar for ages. I finally got around to reading it and I absolutely loved it. It is the perfect YA Fantasy book filled with a kick-ass heroine and an amazing hero to sweep her off her feet. I adored it.

6. Hourglass (Hourglass #1) by Myra McEntire

Hourglass is a book that was recommended to me forever ago and I just never got around to it. It was totally different than I expected. It's a fantasy filled with mystery, romance and a dash of time travel. I absolutely adored it and it breaks my heart a little knowing that it's currently out of print. I am very lucky to own all three books and I cannot wait to read the other two.

5. Nyxia (Nyxia Triad #1) by Scott Reintgen

Nyxia was the surprise of the year. It's not the kind of book I typically would have bought myself but after it was featured in one of the Illumicrate boxes I read it and freaking loved it. It's amazing and filled to the brim with mystery, science and space, what more could you want? I am so excited to read the other books in the series.

4. The Belles (The Belles #1) by Dhonielle Clayton

A YA Dystopia that tells the story of what beauty really means. It's totally different to what I expected based off the cover but I bloody loved it. It was so thought-provoking and had some amazing underlying messages. I cannot wait for the second book of the series to come out.

3. Children of Blood and Bone (Orisha Legacy #1) by Tomi Adeyemi

Children of Blood and Bone was one of the best surprises of the year for me. A YA fantasy filled with action and magic and based off West African mythology it was just stunningly brilliant. I'm a huge lover of books based off mythology and I've never really come across any of the mythology that's within this book and that just made it even better for me as I found it all absolutely fascinating. I loved every moment.

2. The Darkest Star (Origin #1) by Jennifer L Armentrout

For anyone who knows me, they won't be surprised to see The Darkest Star as one of my favourite books of the year. Jennifer L Armentrout is one of my favourite authors of all time and her Lux series is one of my go-to re-reads. So you can imagine my excitement and love for the spin off series. The Darkest Star was utterly perfect and brilliant. I cannot wait for book 2.

1. Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass #7) by Sarah J Maas

Kingdom of Ash is a book I've been waiting for for years and it was perfect. It broke me so much... like seriously... I was sobbing for hours but it was just a brilliant ending to one of my favourite series of all time. I loved every single moment of all 998 glorious pages. It was perfect!

What were your favourite reads of 2018?

Saturday, December 29

Top 10 of 2018: OTP

~ Top 10 Bookish Couples ~

10. Lou and Robert from A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood

Now this is not my usual genre of book that I love but seriously this book is so beautifully written and the characters so well developed I couldn't help but adore this beautiful novel! I read it in one sitting which for a historical/contemporary is an incredible achievement for me. One of the reasons I couldn't put it down was the incredible relationship that develops between Lou and Robert. I loved them both and I was rooting for them so much. It's just a beautiful story!

9. Claire and Shane from Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

Claire and Shane have been one of my all-time favourite bookish couples for years! They are just perfect the way the look after and adore each other no matter what craziness happens. I know this series ended years ago but I'm only just finishing the last few books now so as I read Black Dawn in 2018 I'm counting this one on my wrap up list.

8. Kate and Vincent from If I Should Die by Amy Plum

This is another one where I've loved the couple for years but yet again I didn't finish this series until recently and I was just reminded of how perfect and beautiful the love between Kate and Vincent was. It was perfection seeing how things ended for them and I would re-read this series over and over just so I could get to experience their love once more.

7. Luke and Silyen from Bright Ruin by Vic James

Okay, so this one is technically cheating as Luke and Silyen aren't really a couple but in the final book of the series they really developed a growing attraction and feelings toward each other and I want them to be an epic love story so bad so I'm counting it. Vic James... you need to write me a spin off filled with the love of Luke and Silyen!

6. Rosie and Devlin from Moonlight Scandals by Jennifer L Armentrout

I love Jen's books and I have loved all three of her de Vincent series but seriously the relationship between Rosie and Dev is without a doubt the best! Dev has been through hell and acts like a dick as a defence mechanism and Rosie comes along and blows all of that out of the water! It's beautiful and perfect!

5. Vivian and Caleb from The Dark Princess by Janelle Stalder

Now, I know this book follows the story of Vivan and Caleb's daughter but the glimpses of them was enough for me to still include them on this list. I just absolutely adore them and they are one of my favourite couples of all times. I mean who could resist the devil who falls in love with a human and tries to go against his nature for her. *swoon*

4. Evie and Luc from The Darkest Star by Jennifer L Armentrout

Naturally, there was going to be at least one JLA couple on this list. The Darkest Star was one of my favourite books this year and one of the reasons was the growing relationship between Evie and Luc. I loved everything about them, from how beautifully sweet their relationship to how Luc would do anything to save and protect Evie. I loved every moment and can't wait to see where their relationship will go in the next book.

3. Aelin and Rowan from Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas

This year was the year that one of my all-time favourite series came to an end *SOB*. I was heartbroken and excited at the same time and one of those reasons was to see what would happen to Aelin and Rowan. They were my all-time favourite couple in the series and it did not disappoint. Their ending was utter perfection and left my hopeless romantic heart happy.

2. Josie and Seth from The Prophecy by Jennifer L Armentrout

2018 saw another of my favourite series finish and I couldn't believe the incredible ending for Josie and Seth. I love these guys so much and I've been through so much heartache throughout this series so I loved seeing their relationship blossom and come to an even new level. It was beautiful and perfect!

1. Feyre and Rhysand from A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Maas

Feyre and Rhys are just couple goals! They are brilliant and perfect and have the most beautiful love and partnership. I just couldn't not put them as number one on this list. They're perfect!

Who were your favourite bookish couples?

Friday, December 28

Top 10 of 2018: Cover Love

~ Top 10 Covers of 2018 ~

10. Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

I haven't read any books by Julie Kagawa for so long and this one is definitely on my TBR. I just had to include it in this as I absolutely adore how beautiful the US cover for Shadow of the Fox. From the shape of the fox's head to the shadows in the background it's just so eyecatching. I love this cover!

9. Reign the Earth by AC Gaughen

As a major fan of YA Fantasy books this cover just screams adventure and magic set somewhere exotic. I adore it and I can't wait to read this book!

8. Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare

Now I haven't even started the first Dark Artifices book but I have always been a lover of Cassandra Clare and her covers are so pleasing to the eye. Queen of Air and Darkness is no different. The colours and everything just make it a stunning cover.

7. Mirage by Somaiya Daud

The only thing I know about this book is that it's a fantasy book and honestly the cover is just stunning. The dark purple background gives it a regal feeling and in person the gold on this cover is like foil. It's just stunning. I adore this cover!

6. Sweet Black Waves by Kristina Perez

I love the cover of Sweet Black Waves because it's just simple and beautiful. It doesn't really give anything away about the story but the cover is just lovely and gives off a great fantasy feel. I love it!

5. Catwoman by Sarah J Maas

I absolutely adore the cover of Sarah J Maas' take on Catwoman. It has a superhero feel to it but also with that typical Sarah J Maas' style that I've come to expect from her books. It's a fantastic, eye-catching cover.

4. Nyxia by Scott Reintgen

I seriously love this UK cover of Nyxia so much. It really shows the feel of the bok perfectly. I love the colours, the view of space, absolutely everything about this cover. 
A gorgeous cover for a phenomenal book!

3. The Darkest Star by Jennifer L Armentrout

Honestly I just love this one because the stars are shiny and beautiful! I think the cover itself could have shown a bit more about the storyline but honestly it's a book about aliens... it's got stars and it's beautiful!

2. Fawkes by Nadine Brandes

Honestly, I don't really know much about this book other than it's about the Guy Fawkes Gun Powder Plot storyline. Other than that don't really know much other than I adore this cover! 
It's stunning. I love the buildings at the top, the mask, the font is stunning. I just love this and is a book I will most definitely be getting for my shelves... even if it's just to admire it's beauty!

1. The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton

Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful, well-thought out covers I've ever seen. When I first picked up this book I genuinelly thought there was a printing error on the cover as the picture of the girl looked slightly blurred... after reading it I realised that that was just genius! It's a book about what real beauty is and how 'beauty' is completely skewed and asthetic beauty is not the most important and the blurred features of the cover is just brilliant! One of the best covers of the year!

What are your favourite covers from 2018 books?