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Unchained Blog Tour: My Review

Hey Guys,
Welcome to my second spot on the blog tour for the awesome new book from the phenomenal J. Lynn... aka Jennifer L Armentrout.

On September 17th I told you all about this new adult Urban Fantasy novel from our favourite author and I also interviewed the lady herself. If you missed it you can click here to see it.
Now I am back to share my review of the first book in the Nephilim Rising series, Unchained.

Unchained (Nephilim Rising #1)
J. Lynn

Published By: Entangled Edge
Publication Date: September 17, 2013
Date Read: September 18, 2013
Genre: Adult - Urban Fantasy
Source: eARC from Entangled Publishing
Format: E-Book
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From Goodreads:
Between the pissed off creatures that want demon-hunter Lily Marks dead and the fallen angel who just...wants her, Lily is about ready to trade in forever for a comfy job in a cubicle farm.

The fact that she and Julian are civil to one another is enough to have her thrown out of the Sanctuary, but she can't shake her not-so-angelic stalker or how he brings her dangerously close to ecstasy.

Her forbidden relationship with Julian provides the perfect fuel for suspicion when a traitor is discovered to be working within the Sanctuary. Lily quickly finds herself hunted by well, everyone.

Her only hope is to discover the real traitor before she loses everything--and she'll need Julian's help. That is, if Julian is really there to help her...and not destroy her.

Yeah, being a Nephilim isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

First of all let me just say how insanely excited I am that I have finally read this book. I heard about this book back in 2011 when I first discovered the genius that is Jennifer L Armentrout. I had just devoured a review copy of Obsidian, the first book in her YA Lux series followed by Half-Blood, the first book in her YA Covenant series, and I could not wait to get my hands on more... including this adult Urban Fantasy book. Two YEARS later and I have finally read it and I couldn't be more happy.

Lily is a nephilim, the offspring of a fallen angel and a human and she will do anything to stop the evil that goes on in the world, caused by the fallen angels. But not everything goes to plan. Enter Julian, the fallen angel who is infatuated with Lily... and the one person she can't seem to resist. She is attracted to the one thing that she is supposed to hate. But there are more things going wrong than Lily could imagine. Someone is feeding secrets to the Fallen and Lily is number one suspect. Can she pursue her forbidden relationship and clear her name?

Unchained is a really good start to a promising series. Truth be told, it isn't my favourite JLA book. No where close but it is enjoyable. Unchained was the second book that JLA ever wrote and you can tell. Jen's writing style is as addictive as ever but where as through her Lux series and Covenant series you can see how much she has grown as a writer in the past few years and so, to me, it was obvious that this was one of her earlier books. This by no means hinders the book whatsoever. I was still completely in awe Jen's superstar writing skills.

Lily is possibly one of my favourite female protagonists of all. She is snarky and kick-ass and does whatever the hell she wants, be damned of the consequences. Who wouldn't love a heroine like that? She was everything I wanted in a Urban Fantasy heroine. I just loved her!

Unchained was a great start to an Urban Fantasy series but I feel like it just lacked the sparkle and magic that I have come to expect in JLA books. I wasn't completely hooked right from the start like I usually am and it took me quite a few chapters to really get into the story. This may have been because of it being an earlier work or it may have been because I don't read a whole lot of Adult Urban Fantasy. I'm definitely more of a YA fan. Once I got 'into' the story I found it unputdownable and by the end I was in love with the story. I can't wait to get my hands on the next installment in this series.

If you are a fan of Adult Urban Fantasy series then I urge you to pick this one up. It's a great unique storyline and it's full of fantastic characters that will take you on an awesome fantasy-filled adventure. Although it didn't blow me away like other JLA books I still enjoyed it and it will definitely be placed on my 're-read' shelf in my kindle ready for the other installments coming.

"I see you as Lily. I see you for who you are, even though you don't."


  1. I've heard this before about this one. I'm hoping to enjoy it anyway.


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