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Early Review: A Heart So Fierce and Broken (Cursebreakers #2)

A Heart so Fierce and Broken (Cursebreakers #2)
Brigid Kemmerer

Published By: Bloomsbury
Publication Date: January 7, 2020
Date Read: July 31, 2019
Genre: YA - Fantasy
Source: ARC loaned from Book Passion for Life
Format: Paperback
Pages: 496

From Goodreads:
 In the sequel to New York Times bestselling A Curse So Dark and Lonely, Brigid Kemmerer returns to the world of Emberfall in a lush fantasy where friends become foes and love blooms in the darkest of places.

Find the heir, win the crown.
The curse is finally broken, but Prince Rhen of Emberfall faces darker troubles still. Rumors circulate that he is not the true heir and that forbidden magic has been unleashed in Emberfall. Although Rhen has Harper by his side, his guardsman Grey is missing, leaving more questions than answers.

Win the crown, save the kingdom.
Rumored to be the heir, Grey has been on the run since he destroyed Lilith. He has no desire to challenge Rhen--until Karis Luran once again threatens to take Emberfall by force. Her own daughter Lia Mara sees the flaws in her mother’s violent plan, but can she convince Grey to stand against Rhen, even for the good of Emberfall?

The heart-pounding, compulsively readable saga continues as loyalties are tested and new love blooms in a kingdom on the brink of war.

"Choices are never easy. There are good and bad options, but the most dangerous is to not make a choice at all."

There are seriously no words to explain just how excited I am to be writing this review. I have been a huge fan of Brigid Kemmerer's and I was so excited when she first announced this series as fantasy books are my absolute favourite. A Curse So Dark and Lonely was my favourite read of 2018 and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the sequel. I had such high expectations for A Heart So Fierce and Broken and it just went way above and beyond anything I could have wanted. In a word, this book was perfection!

A Heart So Fierce and Broken follows Grey, the rightful heir to the throne as he hides from Rhen in order to protect him from the truth. But as Rhen becomes more brutal in his hunt for the truth and an outside force threatening Emberfall once again can Grey stay hidden for long? Or is it better to fight for the throne, and the good of Emberfall?

Grey was my favourite character in the first book in this series so I was super excited that this one was going to follow him more. Even though I loved both Gray and Rhen in the first book, I definitely fell more and more in love with Grey the more I read of this book. He is one of my all time favourite characters from any book. He is just sweet and noble and will do anything to protect those that he loves. I absolutely adored the introduction of Lia Mara in this book. She is such a fantastic kick-ass character who wears her heart on her sleeve and will do anything to help protect the people... whether they are her people or the people of another kingdom. She is so perfect for Gray and their relationship in this book was everything I could have wanted! It was uplifting and heartwarming and I just adored it.

Brigid Kemmerer once again proved herself to be a master storyteller. Right from the start, I couldn't put this book down. She has just honed her craft so perfectly and I loved every single thing in this book. Her fantastic world building continued and her characterisation was brilliant. There is nothing bad I can say about this book. It was just stunningly beautiful and I can't wait to see what is going to happen in this series next.

A Heart So Fierce and Broken was perfection. I loved every single moment of it and I can't wait to read it again and again while I am waiting for the next book. The story and the characters I fell in love with in book one developed and twisted and I loved every second of the journey with them. This is fast becoming one of my favourite series of all time and one I will read again and again. If you haven't picked this one up yet, I highly recommend that you do. It was beautiful and brilliant.

"You say Rhen is a man of honour, but I believe you are. I saw it in Blind Hollow. Your people would love you. If you would give them the chance. If you would give yourself the chance."


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