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Early Review: Moonlight Scandals (de Vincent #3)

Moonlight Scandals (de Vincent #3)
Jennifer L Armentrout

Published By: Avon Publishing
Publication Date: January 29, 2019
Date Read: December 9, 2018
Genre: Adult - Romantic Suspence
Source: eARC from Jennifer L Armentrout
Format: E-Book

It takes a fearless woman to love the most scandalous man alive in New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer L. Armentrout’s breathtaking novel

Even a ghost hunter like Rosie Herpin couldn’t have foreseen the fateful meeting between two mourners that has brought her so intimately close to the notorious and seductive Devlin de Vincent. Everyone in New Orleans knows he’s heir to a dark family curse that both frightens and enthralls. To the locals, Devlin is the devil. To Rosie, he’s a man who’s stoking her wildest fantasies. When a brutal attack on her friend is linked to the de Vincents, he becomes a mystery she may be risking her life to solve.

Devlin knows what he wants from this sexy and adventurous woman. But what does Rosie want from him? It’s a question that becomes more pressing—and more dangerous—when he suspects her of prying into the shadows of his past.

Now, the legends surrounding the de Vincents may not be myths at all. But if she’s to discover the truth, she must follow them straight into the arms of the man she can’t resist—the handsome devil himself.

"When I want something, I don't let it go."

I have been a huge Jennifer L Armentrout fan for the past 7 years and she still to this day, remains my favourite author of all time. I devour and love every single thing that she writes and I re-read her books constantly. There were no words to explain my utter excitement when I received the eARC of Moonlight Scandals on my kindle about a month before it was due to release. I absolutely adored the first two books in this series and I couldn't wait to devour Devlin's book. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Moonlight Scandals is most definitely my favourite book of the series.

Now, usually I am more of a YA reader and I much prefer fantasy and paranormal type books to contemporary and romance books but there is just something about Jennifer's books. No matter what genre they are in I just adore them all. I had already loved the first two books in this series and was already part-way in love with Devlin from his appearances in the first two books... even if he was a bit of a dickhead in both of them. I knew that he had a great story to tell and he absolutely does. Devlin is most definitely the brother who has been through the most and is affected by everything on a much bigger scale... and that just made his story much more important, and both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time to me.

Rosie is without a doubt my favourite heroine of this series. She is one tough cookie and she is hilarious and sarcastic. I adored her when she appeared in Moonlight Seduction and right from that point I knew I was going to love her. She is incredible. She's been through so much and she was absolutely perfect for Devlin. She wouldn't be intimidated by him and she just wouldn't stand for any of his crap... that's one thing that made Moonlight Scandals to be the most hilarious and heartwarming of the three books in this series.

Moonlight Scandals is one book that you will not be able to guess what is actually happening. There are so many twists and turns dropped on you in the second half of the book, you'll probably be suffering from whiplash by the end of it. I couldn't believe what was happening and I was often found gaping open-mouthed at my kindle at multiple points. I probably looked like an idiot but what do I care when I am going through the emotional wringer at the hands of a JLA book. I loved every single moment of it.

The de Vincents series has been an incredible journey and I have loved every single book. It's an incredible romantic suspence series which is one of the most heart-meltingly amazing romances I've ever read... with a dash of murder, fear and possible paranormal activity. I have loved every single moment, but none as much as in this third book. I am so upset that the series is over and it's definitely one that I would read again and again. Here's to hoping Jennifer will someday write another... or even a novella so we can catch up with some of my favourite characters of all time. The de Vincent series is without a doubt a series to add onto your bookish bucket list.

"I never believed in love until I met you, Rosie. At least not for me, but you proved me wrong."


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