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Review: Red Queen (Chronicles of Alice #2)

The Red Queen (Chronicles of Alice #2)
Christina Henry

Published By: Titan Books
Publication Date: July 12, 2016
Date Read: June 29, 2018
Genre: Adult - Retelling
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages: 313

From Goodreads:
The author of Alice takes readers back down the rabbit hole to a dark, twisted, and fascinating world based on the works of Lewis Carroll...
The land outside of the Old City was supposed to be green, lush, hopeful. A place where Alice could finally rest, no longer the plaything of the Rabbit, the pawn of Cheshire, or the prey of the Jabberwocky. But the verdant fields are nothing but ash—and hope is nowhere to be found.

Still, Alice and Hatcher are on a mission to find his daughter, a quest they will not forsake even as it takes them deep into the clutches of the mad White Queen and her goblin or into the realm of the twisted and cruel Black King.

The pieces are set and the game has already begun. Each move brings Alice closer to her destiny. But, to win, she will need to harness her newfound abilities and ally herself with someone even more powerful—the mysterious and vengeful Red Queen...

"It's easy to forget the good things."

After reading the incredible Alice, I couldn't wait to dig in to the sequel, Red Queen. I was already so addicted to this dark and disturbing world and I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. I have to say, I am a little bit disappointed in Red Queen. It is, in my opinion, no where near as addictive and thrilling as the first book but I did enjoy reading it.

Red Queen follows Alice and Hatcher as they leave the Old City and start their journey to find Hatcher's daughter Jenny. But on the way they encounter place ran by the evil White Queen. Suddenly separated from Hatcher, Alice finds herself on a journey alone so save not only Hatcher but the people who have been hurt by the White Queen. But can she save Hatcher and the people she has just met? Or does she have a big decision to make?

I did enjoy Red Queen. It was great to get back into Hatcher and Alice's world but after they left the Old City at the end of Alice it feels like a totally different book. Alice is dark and disturbing and I found myself utterly horrified all the way through reading. Red Queen has a totally different tone. There isn't as much horror going on out of the city so the whole feel of the book is totally different to that of the first book.

I found Red Queen incredibly slow in placed. The pacing of the book was completely mixed. I found myself unable to read fast enough and then it would have a lull, and rinse and repeat. At the middle of the book I was actually considering DNF'ing it because nothing was really happening and to be frank I was really bored. The only thing that kept me going with Alice. I love her character and she develops so much in this book.

While Alice was a very plot-driven novel, Red Queen is very much character driven. I am definitely a plot-driven reader. I usually end up DNF'ing most books that are very character-driven as I get bored. However, due to me already loving Alice it didn't bother me as much in this book. I loved the journey Alice went through in this book. As she was separated from Hatcher she had to really grow in order to survive. She becomes much more confident and kick-ass and I loved that.

Red Queen was a good follow-up to Alice. It's not really needed at all but if like me, you loved Alice and wanted to see what happened to the characters then I do recommend Red Queen. It is a lot slower paced but it will definitely be on my re-read shelf.

"She didn’t have to be Cheshire’s ideal of a Magician or Hatcher’s ideal of a lover or her parents’ ideal of a daughter. She could be Alice."

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