Saturday, August 18

Book-to-Movie Review: The Darkest Minds

This week I headed to the cinema to see a movie that I have been waiting for for ages. The Darkest Minds, based off the novel of the same name by Alexandra Bracken came out on Friday 10th August here in the UK and I headed off to see it the day it came out. I have only recently read The Darkest Minds and I really loved the book so I was super excited to see what they did with the movie.


I absolutely loved The Darkest Minds movie. It is such a faithful and incredible adaptation of an incredible book. There was a few changes from the book but they really worked well so it didn't bother me so much. 

The Cast
The Cast of The Darkest Minds is a mostly unknown cast. With Amandla Stenberg being the most known of the main characters. I actually loved the cast. I thought they did an incredibly good job. Amandla is such a talanted actress. I absolutely loved her as Rue in The Hunger Games and it was fab seeing her take a lead role. She did the perfect job of portraying Ruby. She absolutely nailed the vulnerability of Ruby as well the kick-ass toughness of her as well. The case for the other main kids was just as good and so compelling I couldn't take my eyes off them while watching the movie.  

The Story
I was already totally sold on the storyline of this movie, having read the book but what I think is amazing is that The Darkest Minds makes it completely understandable for non-book readers. I was accompanied to the cinema to see this with my Mum who has not read the book and she understood it perfectly. I think this is a major thing in book-to-movie adaptations as I have seen many where unless you have read the book it's been difficult to follow. That was not the case whatsoever with this movie. The one complaint I have is that they don't really explain what Ruby did to her parents until very late on in the movie. You see her touch them and then them not recognise her but unless you've read the book you don't truly understand that she erased herself from their memories until almost the end of the movie.

The Changes
The Darkest Minds is a very faithful adaptation of the book which made me very very happy. As someone who loved the book I really enjoyed the movie. There were a few changes which worked well on screen. They really shortened the time at Thurmond, including erasing Sam and the friendship between Sam and Ruby completely. It did make sense for the storyline though so it didn't bother me too much. They made Chubs a Green rather than a Blue and Zu never left with her cousin. These are quite small changes for the movie, however if they make the second book into a movie that could have an impact into some bigger storyline changes from Never Fade.

... I loved it. It's an absolutely fantastic adaptation and I am really hoping that it does well as I would absolutely love to see the next books turned into movies too. The Darkest Minds is a great movie to watch, regardless of whether you have read the book or not. If you're wondering what to go see this summer I highly recommend going to see this movie. 

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