Saturday, August 25

2018 Challenge 5: Illumicrate Challenge

Hey Guys,
Welcome to my last post regarding my reading challenges. This time it is...

~ Illumicrate Reading Challenge ~

Now, if you follow me on social media like Instagram, you will probably be aware that I am an avid subscriber of the incredible Illumicrate subscription box. After reading a featured book that I wasn't sure was 'my thing' I have decided to challenge myself to reading all of the featured books that I gain through Illumicrate. Now this is not all Illumicrate books since it's beginning, just from when I started subscribing.

Here are the books I have gained through Illumicrate so far...

My Progress:
I have read...

I really need to do a bit better on this challenge. Having read 4 out of 12 is just ridiculously bad. I need ot up my game on this one for sure.

Have you read any of these books?
Which should I bump up on my TBR?

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