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Blog Tour: Otherworld

Hey Guys,
I'm so excited to be a part of the blog tour for this amazing new YA novel, Otherworld.

Below there is information on the amazing book and then my spoiler-free review.

 Otherworld (Otherworld #1) 
Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

Published By: Delecourte Press / Rock the Boat
Publication Date: October 31, 2017
Date Read: October 21, 2017
Genre: YA - Sci-Fi
Source: Review Copy from Nina Douglas PR
Format: Hardback
Pages: 368

From Goodreads:
The Company Welcomes you To
The new generation of gaming.

Welcome to real life 2.0.
Are you ready to play?

There are no screens. There are no controls.
You don’t just see and hear it—you taste, smell, and touch it too.
In this new reality there are no rules to follow, no laws to break.
You can indulge your every desire.
Why would you ever want to leave?
Step into Otherworld.
Leave your body behind.

Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller have created a brilliant and terrifying view of a possible future that’s not far away. OTHERWORLD asks the question we’ll all soon be asking: if technology can deliver everything we want, how much are we willing to pay?

Otherworld is a book that I came across in the summer when I was at the Young Adult Literature Convention (YALC) in London and I already couldn't wait to read it. It sounded so awesome and something that I knew I would really enjoy. When I was given the chance to review it I couldn't turn that down. Otherworld is an addictive and fascinating book about our reliance on technology and what would happen if it consumed us.

Otherworld is the story of Simon. A typical nerd who loves video games and would spend all day in his little bubble playing them. When a revolutionary game is created called Otherworld, Simon can't wait to play it. But all is not as fun as it seems with Otherworld. There's characters that have a mind of their own and this game may be a little bit more dangerous that it first seems. Now Simon must race against the clock both in and out of the game to save his friend... and himself.

Otherworld is such a fascinating and interesting story about artificial intelligence and virtual reality games. I already find this topic area really interesting so I knew that it would be a book I would be really interested in. I loved the storyline and once I got into the book I really couldn't put it down. Now honestly, it took me quite a while to really get into this book. For the first 50-80 pages I found the book interesting but it just didn't grab me. However, once I pushed through and got to the main storyline going I couldn't put it down and finished the rest of the book within a day. I loved every moment of it from that point. So yes I found it a little slow but looking back I understand why it was slow. We really did need that time to set up the premise of Otherworld and the storyline.

I loved Simon. He was such a great character. Me being able to love and identify with Simon really shows the incredible skill of these two authors as usually when I read YA books that have a male narrator I find it difficult to identify with, you know with me being a 20-something woman but the authors really made me identify and get on board with Simon really quickly. He is a fantastic narrator and I was totally taken on this journey through Otherworld with him.

I loved Otherworld. It was a fantastic book and I really urge anyone who is interested in AI and VR games. It was a fantastic insight and I cannot wait for book 2 to see what happens next.

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