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Review: The Last Piece of my Heart

The Last Piece of my Heart
Paige Toon

Published By: Simon and Schuster
Publication Date: May 18, 2017
Date Read: June 14, 2017
Genre: Adult - Chick Lit
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
From Goodreads:
When life feels like a puzzle, sometimes it’s the small pieces that make up the bigger picture ... Join Bridget on a journey to put her world back together.

Meet Bridget, a successful travel journalist with ambitions to turn her quirky relationship blog into a novel. But, after numerous rejections from publishers, she accepts an alternative proposition: Nicole Dupre died leaving behind a bestselling novel and an incomplete sequel, and the family need someone to finish it. Bridget is just thankful to have her foot in the publishing door. But as she gets to know Nicole’s grieving family, and the woman behind the writing, Bridget’s priorities begin to change.

Paige Toon has forever been one of my favourite authors. Ever since I read her debut novel, Lucy in the Sky, back when I was in college I fell in love with her writing, her characters and her story. Her books inspired my love and passion for books so it's probably down to her books as to why this blog exists for me to be writing this review. I have read every single book she has ever wrote and I can't put into words how much I loved this book.

Bridget has had many relationships. She's fallen in love over and over again and lost a piece of her heart in every single one of them. When she rekindles her romance with her first love he persuades her to travel around and see all of her past boyfriends to ask them for the piece of her heart back. It would make a wonderful book idea. But when Bridget can't sell the idea she is given another job. To ghostwrite the sequel of a bestseller after the author tragically died. Now she is living in Cornwall and spending time with the deceased author's grieving husband and small child. As Bridget grows closer to them both Bridget's travels and her blog and her boyfriend seem a million miles away.

I loved this book. I mean LOVED it. I already loved Bridget before I read this book. She was featured in two or three of Paige's previous books and I already adored her as a character. In The Last Piece of my Heart I loved Bridget even more. You see different sides to her and I just felt like I went on this emotional rollercoaster along with her.

I loved every moment of this book. The romance, the emotion... everything. It was one of the most perfect books I've ever read and it is right up there rivalling Lucy in the Sky as my favourite Paige Toon book. Lucy in the Sky is still up there as my favourite but this one was very very close. If you love a good romance book I cannot recommend Paige's books enough. They are totally perfect and well worth the read.

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