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Review: Lying About Last Summer

Lying About Last Summer
Sue Wallman

Published By: Scholastic UK
Publication Date: May 5, 2016
Date Read: February 5, 2017
Genre: YA - Thriller
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272

From Goodreads:
You can't hide the truth forever.

Skye is looking for an escape from the reality of last summer when her sister died in a tragic accident. Her parents think that a camp for troubled teenagers might help her process her grief. All of the kids at the summer camp have lost someone close, but is bringing them together such a good idea? And can everyone at camp be trusted? 

When Skye starts receiving text messages from someone pretending to be her dead sister, she knows it's time to confront the past. But what if the danger is right in front of her?

Lying About Last Summer was a book I picked up as part of my Zoella Book Club challenge. I'm aiming to read all of the books included in the first 2 rounds of Zoella's Book Club this year. Lying About Last Summer is a mystery/thriller which is usually not my kind of book, however after reading and loving Jennifer Armentrout's recent thriller, Till Death, and loving it I decided to try reading more of this genre. I really enjoyed Lying About Last Summer. It wasn't the best book I've ever read but it was a nice quick and enjoyable read.

Skye has been suffering ever since her sister died in a drastic accident last summer. Now she is at summer camp for bereaved teens. Skye doesn't really want to be there and she doesn't want to talk about what happened last summer. But then her private messaging group she had with only her sister becomes active... with messaged from her dead sister. Who is pretending to be Skye's sister? And what do they want?

Lying About Last Summer was a short and enjoyable read. It was very much a page turner. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen and read this book pretty quick. I was interested and I liked the characters. I wouldn't personally call this book a thriller. I would consider it more a mystery than a thriller and I did really enjoy it.

I personally didn't find mtself emotionally involved in this book as I get with most books. It was good, it was enjoyable and I couldn't wait to see what happened but I felt like it was with a more detached feeling rather than associating with the characters and being addicted to the book as I usually get.

Lying About Last Summer was a good, enjoyable read. If you're a fan of mystery/thriller books then I have no doubt you will love this book. I enjoyed it and I will definitely look out for more from this author.

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