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Review: The Longest Holiday

The Longest Holiday
Paige Toon

Published By: Simon and Schuster
Publication Date: April 25, 2013
Date Read: August 29, 2016
Genre: Adult - Chick Lit
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages: 416

From Goodreads:
He's smiling down at me with tears in his eyes as I say my solemn vow:
'I, Laura, take thee, Matthew, to be my lawful wedded husband…' 

I thought I would never feel like this about anyone ever again. Not after my first love… Not after the heartbreak and the loss and the trying to pick myself back up again… Then I met Matthew, and I know that he has my heart forever: my perfect, gorgeous, adoring Matthew. And then I wake up. And I remember that he's not perfect. He's so far from perfect that my heart could surely collapse from the pain that instantly engulfs me…

To say Laura is unlucky in love is an understatement. Her first boyfriend died in a horrific accident, and now she's just discovered that her husband of six months has been hiding a terrible secret. Devastated and unwilling to face reality, she escapes on a girls' holiday to Key West with her best friend Marty. But a deep and instant attraction to a sexy Cuban scuba diver takes her completely by surprise. When her two weeks in the sun come to an end, Laura doesn't want to go home again. But she can't run from real life forever. Can she?

Paige Toon has forever been one of my favourite authors of all time. If it wasn't for her book I probably wouldn't be writing on this blog right now. From the moment I read her debut novel Lucy in the Sky I fell in love with reading and so her books always have a special place in my heart. I hadn't read a Paige Toon book for so long before picking this book up. I had forgotten how much I adore her book. I devoured this book in one sitting. It was such a phenonenal read.

Laura thought she had found it. The one for her. But when she finds out a secret her new husband has been keeping from her everything comes crashing down around her. Unable to deal with it she jets off on a girls holiday to give her time to think about what she is going to do. Enter Leo, the super hot and sexy scuba diver and their connection surprises both of them. At the end of her two weeks in the sun Laura doesn't want to leave and go home. Can she keep running from the drama back home? Or will time catch up to her?

I freaking loved this book. I had totally forgotten how much Paige's characters and writing grabs me. Right from page one I was hooked and I didn't put this book down until I had read the entire thing. I was only reading this book for a couple of hours and I was done. I just adored every single moment of it. Right from the start I was really emotionally invested in Laura's story and I just needed to know what was going to happen. The more I read the more I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I couldn't put it down as I just needed to know what was going to happen and how it was going to end.

The Longest Holiday, like the other Paige Toon books I've read, became an escape that you could just dive right into. I wasn't aware of anything that was happening in my life because I was living and breathing this book. There could have been someone screaming in my face and I still wouldn't have seen or heard anything because I was in Cuba with Laura and her friends. It was such a phenomenal book.

Everytime I read a book by Paige Toon I kick myself for not having read it sooner. I adore every single word she writes and I cannot recommend these books enough. The Longest Holiday was utter perfection wrapped up in a beautiful paperback. If you love a good romance set in a hot location that will just grab you and not let you go then this book is for you. It's funny, moving and breathtaking. A must read.

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