Wednesday, November 30

Review: Dream of You (Wait for You #4.5)

Dream of You (Wait For You #4.5)
Jennifer L Armentrout

Publication Date: June 23, 2015
Date Read: November 13, 2016
Genre: NA - Contemporary Romance
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages: 131

From Goodreads:
Abby Erickson isn't looking for a one-night stand, a relationship, or anything that involves any one-on-one time, but when she witnesses a shocking crime, she's thrust into the hands of the sexiest man she's ever seen - Colton Anders. His job is to protect her, but with every look, every touch, and every simmering kiss, she's in danger of not only losing her life but her heart also.

It's no surprise to anyone that I am a major fan of Jennifer L Armentrout and I absolutely love her Wait For You series. I was super excited when she announced that she was releasing a novella about Abby as I adored her in previous novels in this series. I didn't actually read this book for so long. It wasn't until I was about to start my ARC of book 6, Fire in You, that I decided to read this one first.

As expected, I adored this novella. It was absoltely amazing. I already loved Abby so I was super excited to read her story. As soon as I found out our leading man was Colton, brother of Reece from Fall With Me, which was my favourite book in this series. I loved every second of this novella and as I was reading it I was just hoping that it would last forever.

Dream of You was a phenomenal instalment in the Wait for You series and I loved every single moment of it. I wish it was a full size novel but I'm just glad we got Abby's story told. This is definitely a must-read for any fans of JLA and this series.

Saturday, November 26

Wrap Up: October 2016

I cannot believe October is over already. This year has gone by so quickly hasn't it?
Anyway, here's my wrap up for October.

Book Haul:



The Last Beginning (The Next Together #2) by Lauren James
All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter #2) by JK Rowling


Balance (Balance #1) by Janelle Stalder

For Review:

Fire in you (Wait for You #6) by Jennifer L Armentrout


Twisted Palace (The Royals #3) by Erin Watt

Books Read in October 2016:

Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) by Sarah J Maas - 5 Stars
Another Together (The Next Together #1.5) by Lauren James - 5 Stars
Twisted Palace (The Royals #3) by Erin Watt - 5 Stars
The Last Beginning (The Next Together #2) by Lauren James - 5 Stars

There were no reviews posted in October

Top 3 Books of October 2016:

What did you read this month?

Wednesday, November 23

Review: Twisted Palace (The Royals #3)

Twisted Palace (The Royals #3)
Erin Watt

Publication Date: October 17, 2016
Date Read: October 27, 2016
Genre: NA - Contemporary Romance
Source: Bought
Format: E-Book

From Goodreads:
These Royals will ruin you…

From mortal enemies to unexpected allies, two teenagers try to protect everything that matters most.

Ella Harper has met every challenge that life has thrown her way. She’s tough, resilient, and willing to do whatever it takes to defend the people she loves, but the challenge of a long-lost father and a boyfriend whose life is on the line might be too much for even Ella to overcome.

Reed Royal has a quick temper and even faster fists. But his tendency to meet every obstacle with violence has finally caught up with him. If he wants to save himself and the girl he loves, he’ll need to rise above his tortured past and tarnished reputation.

No one believes Ella can survive the Royals. Everyone is sure Reed will destroy them all.
They may be right.

With everything and everyone conspiring to keep them apart, Ella and Reed must find a way to beat the law, save their families, and unravel all the secrets in their Twisted Palace.

There are no words to explain how excited I was to get my hands on Twisted Palace. I absolutely adored the first two books in The Royals series. For me to love a NA series is quite a big thing as I often get quite bored with them. However once I got my hands on this book I was scared to read it. After the ending of the second book I just knew this was gonna be such a hard book to read that would put my heart through the ringer. I wasn't wrong but oh my god the angst was so so worth it because this was such a great ending to Ella and Reed's story.

For about 96% of this book I was the most stressed out I have ever been reading a book. I was just so anxious and worried about what was going to happen and the more I read the more I couldn't see it working out. It was just so intense and the worse it got for Reed and Ella the more I just couldn't stand it. If there's one thing these authors know how to do it's keep you in suspense unable to stop reading.

Twisted Palace is the third and final book in The Royals series. It's full of angst, romance and drama. I couldn't stop reading and it hurt my heart so much all the going on in this book. I loved every single moment of it and I was so happy with how it ended. Erin Watts certainly knows what she is doing. I loved it so much and it really is one of those books that I will re-read over and over again. Every moment was amazing. I can't wait to read a book about Easton because man, I love these Royal boys so much. They are fantastic characters and this is without a doubt my favourite NA romance series I have read to date. You have converted a NA sporadic reader into a love of NA.

Saturday, November 19

Early Review: Balance (Balance Series #1)

Balance (Balance Series #1)
Janelle Stalder

Publication Date: November 2016
Date Read: November 12, 2016
Genre: YA - Fantasy
Source: BETA Copy from Janelle
Format: E-Book

From Goodreads:
A love written in the stars, or born in the depths of darkness?
Where fate has brought them together, so will it tear them apart.
This is not a story of chance, but one that was destined to come to pass, and with it the fall of the darkest shadow to roam the earth.
Vivian French will soon realize that monsters are not just characters from story books, but creatures who can tear your soul apart and leave nothing in its place.
This is not a love story. This is a tale, of a fallen angel and The One who will bring about a change in the Balance.

As soon as I heard of Balance, I absolutely could not wait to get my hands on it and read it. I am such a ginormous fan of Janelle Stalder and I am so so honoured to be one of her BETA readers. I am not usually a fan of fallen angel stories but I just knew that this would be amazing because Janelle wrote it. I was not wrong. I loved every moment of it and I just couldn't read this quick enough.

Vivian has the chance of a lifetime. To be an intern for the best defence lawyers in the city before she heads of to college to study Law. Besides there's also the Banks sons there. Lawyer extraudinaires and super hot boys that is nice eye candy for any girl. But what Viv doesn't know is that the Banks family are keeping a big secret and when she develops feelings for the mysteriously hot but broody silent Caleb her life is going to change forever.

I was absolutely hooked to this story from the very very start. I was just drawn into this amazing story and I really connected with Viv right from the start. She is a great main character and I loved that we saw her develop and change as a character the further we got through this book. I absolutely loved her and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.

Caleb... oh my word he is officially my favourite book boy ever right now. I went from being curious but kind of angry at him for his brusque behaviour but the more I read the more I fell in love with him. My favourite parts of this book were without a doubt the parts told from Caleb's point of view. He is amazing and I just loved him more and more the more I read.

Balance is such a phenomenal book. I loved every moment of it and I can't even describe the emotional journey Janelle sent me on throughout this book. It made me laugh and swoon, cry and mourn. This book completely broke my heart into a million pieces and I cannot wait to get my hands on book 2 to find out what will happen next.

This book was a phenomenal start to what I know is going to be an amazing series. It is filled to the brim with mystery, danger and intrigue with just the right amount of heartstopping and breathtaking romance. It made me fall in love head over heels and then slowly destroyed my heart. If there's one new series you start this year make sure it's this one.

Wednesday, November 16

Review: Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5)

Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5)
Sarah J Maas

Published By: Bloomsbury Publishing
Publication Date: September 6, 2016
Date Read: October 26, 2016
Genre: YA - Epic Fantasy
Source: Bought
Format: Hardback
Pages: 704

From Goodreads:
The long path to the throne has only just begun for Aelin Galathynius. Loyalties have been broken and bought, friends have been lost and gained, and those who possess magic find themselves at odds with those who don't.

As the kingdoms of Erilea fracture around her, enemies must become allies if Aelin is to keep those she loves from falling to the dark forces poised to claim her world. With war looming on all horizons, the only chance for salvation lies in a desperate quest that may mark the end of everything Aelin holds dear.

Aelin's journey from assassin to queen has entranced millions across the globe, and this fifth installment will leave fans breathless. Will Aelin succeed in keeping her world from splintering, or will it all come crashing down?

"I would sooner die tomorrow than live for a thousand years with a cowards shame"

There are no words to explain my excitement when I finally got this book in my hands. Sarah J Maas has fast become one of my all time favourite authors. I adore everything she has written and when the gorgeous hardback of this book landed on my doorstep a week early (Thank you Book Depository) I could not contain my excitement. I started it immediately... Unfortunately then life got in the way and I had no time to read at all so it took me around 2 months to read this book. But man was it worth the wait. I loved every moment of it and although it's not my favourite book of the series it was such a phenomenal book.

Sarah grabbed my attention immediately in this book and I couldn't contain how excited I was to finally be back in this world that I fell in love with what feels like forever ago when Bloomsbury sent me an ARC of book one of this series. I love the series even more now than I did back then. I loved that in this one we saw the goings on from so many different perspectives. I did find some of them slower than others but by the end I loved each and every one of them. As always when I read split point of view books as the perspective flips I'm always like 'no I need that one back. What's about to happen' and Sarah is an expert as leaving you hanging wanting more of Manon's point of view when you're back to Aelin and vice versa.

This book has some of the best characters that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I love pretty much every character (apart from the evil bad guys, obviously). My one thing that I didn't like in this installment was the lack of Chaol. Right from book one Chaol was my all time favourite character in this series and although he has changed into a different person from that first book he is still my favourite. I adore him! And I missed him so much in this book. I need much much more of him in book 6 please.

There is no way I can put my feelings about this book in words. I was completely taken by this book and I found Empire of Storms came in waves. There would be chapters where I couldn't turn the pages fast enough because I couldn't wait to see what happened and then it slowed down where I was okay just reading at a leisurely pace. The ending of this book is one of the biggest cliffhangers I have ever read and I was so heartbroken and emotional I didn't really know what to do with myself. I loved every moment of this book but a part of me wishes that I had left reading it until book 6 was out so I could read them both together. I do not know how I am going to cope waiting a year for the final book of this series. I need to know what happens like right now.

Throne of Glass is without a doubt one of the best series I have ever read and although this one was not my favourite of the series I adored every moment of it and I am waiting with bated breath for the final instalment in this series. Next year will be a bittersweet feelings. I am no where near ready to say goodbye to these beloved characters but at the same time I cannot wait to see how it all ends. If you're looking for the next epic series to devour this one is a must-read!

"Even when this world is a forgotten whisper of dust between the stars, I will love you."

Wednesday, November 9

Review: The Longest Holiday

The Longest Holiday
Paige Toon

Published By: Simon and Schuster
Publication Date: April 25, 2013
Date Read: August 29, 2016
Genre: Adult - Chick Lit
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages: 416

From Goodreads:
He's smiling down at me with tears in his eyes as I say my solemn vow:
'I, Laura, take thee, Matthew, to be my lawful wedded husband…' 

I thought I would never feel like this about anyone ever again. Not after my first love… Not after the heartbreak and the loss and the trying to pick myself back up again… Then I met Matthew, and I know that he has my heart forever: my perfect, gorgeous, adoring Matthew. And then I wake up. And I remember that he's not perfect. He's so far from perfect that my heart could surely collapse from the pain that instantly engulfs me…

To say Laura is unlucky in love is an understatement. Her first boyfriend died in a horrific accident, and now she's just discovered that her husband of six months has been hiding a terrible secret. Devastated and unwilling to face reality, she escapes on a girls' holiday to Key West with her best friend Marty. But a deep and instant attraction to a sexy Cuban scuba diver takes her completely by surprise. When her two weeks in the sun come to an end, Laura doesn't want to go home again. But she can't run from real life forever. Can she?

Paige Toon has forever been one of my favourite authors of all time. If it wasn't for her book I probably wouldn't be writing on this blog right now. From the moment I read her debut novel Lucy in the Sky I fell in love with reading and so her books always have a special place in my heart. I hadn't read a Paige Toon book for so long before picking this book up. I had forgotten how much I adore her book. I devoured this book in one sitting. It was such a phenonenal read.

Laura thought she had found it. The one for her. But when she finds out a secret her new husband has been keeping from her everything comes crashing down around her. Unable to deal with it she jets off on a girls holiday to give her time to think about what she is going to do. Enter Leo, the super hot and sexy scuba diver and their connection surprises both of them. At the end of her two weeks in the sun Laura doesn't want to leave and go home. Can she keep running from the drama back home? Or will time catch up to her?

I freaking loved this book. I had totally forgotten how much Paige's characters and writing grabs me. Right from page one I was hooked and I didn't put this book down until I had read the entire thing. I was only reading this book for a couple of hours and I was done. I just adored every single moment of it. Right from the start I was really emotionally invested in Laura's story and I just needed to know what was going to happen. The more I read the more I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I couldn't put it down as I just needed to know what was going to happen and how it was going to end.

The Longest Holiday, like the other Paige Toon books I've read, became an escape that you could just dive right into. I wasn't aware of anything that was happening in my life because I was living and breathing this book. There could have been someone screaming in my face and I still wouldn't have seen or heard anything because I was in Cuba with Laura and her friends. It was such a phenomenal book.

Everytime I read a book by Paige Toon I kick myself for not having read it sooner. I adore every single word she writes and I cannot recommend these books enough. The Longest Holiday was utter perfection wrapped up in a beautiful paperback. If you love a good romance set in a hot location that will just grab you and not let you go then this book is for you. It's funny, moving and breathtaking. A must read.

Friday, November 4

Review: The Last Beginning (The Next Together #2)

The Last Beginning (The Next Together #2)
Lauren James

Published By: Walker Books
Publication Date: October 6, 2016
Date Read: October 29, 2016
Genre: YA - Sci-Fi
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352

From Goodreads:
The epic conclusion to Lauren James' debut The Next Together about love, destiny and time travel.

Sixteen years ago, after a scandal that rocked the world, teenagers Katherine and Matthew vanished without a trace. Now Clove Sutcliffe is determined to find her long lost relatives. But where do you start looking for a couple who seem to have been reincarnated at every key moment in history? Who were Kate and Matt? Why were they born again and again? And who is the mysterious Ella, who keeps appearing at every turn in Clove's investigation?

For Clove, there is a mystery to solve in the past and a love to find in the future.

Oh. My. God! This series has just completely and utterly blew me away. I am always looking for the next unique series that will completely blow me away and unfortunately they come few and far between. With me reading about 100 books a year and 99% of those being YA books I find that it's quite hard to find a series that is really different from the others. The Next Together series is that for me. Never have I ever read a series that has so many different twists and turns where I never know what is going to happen next. Where there are 'file notes' that make me wonder what the heck is going on and have me not being able to turn the pages fast enough due to my curiosity and intrigue but The Last Beginning had me doing just that. I devoured this book in 2 sittings and I genuinelly am devastated that it is over. Nothing I read next will ever live up to how amazing this book is.

Clove Sutcliffe's world has just been altered forever. She has just found out that her parents are Katherine and Matthew, the heros who vanished without a trace. Now Clove is determined to find them and armed with a time travel machine there is only one way to find out all about them. To travel back. But can she travel back without altering the future?

I absolutely loved everything about this book. The phenomenal writing style, the characters, the story everything. One thing I was worried about when going into The Last Beginning was that it wouldn't have that unique way of storytelling that The Next Together had. Due to The Next Together spanning different time periods and being told in different ways through articles, prose and letters it was what made me love the unique-ness of the book even more. I worried that that wouldn't happen in The Last Beginning it is just about Clove. I needn't have worried because this book is still set in different time periods with all of those types of storytelling and it made everything even better than I could have imagined.

Lauren James has to be one of the most clever authors I have ever had the pleasure of reading her work. The way the time travelling in this book fits in to all of the ongoings in the first book is nothing short of genius. She must have known before writing the first book exactly how it was all going to pan out because there were parts of this book where some of the things that happened linked so perfectly with the first book is had me gasping and being all like 'OMG that was THAT' (obviously I'm not gonna tell you coz... spoilers duh). She is genuinely an incredible author and she has just shot herself right up to the top of my auto-buy author list.

The Last Beginning was utter perfection in the form of a novel. I can't praise it enough. It was phenomenal and stunning and everything I could have wanted and more. I am so happy I have found this series because it is seriously one of my all time favourites that I know I will re-read again and again. I love every single thing about this series. A part of me is utterly heartbroken to have read this book however because I know that's the end of the series. I have no more of Kate and Matt's wonderful lives to read about and fall in love with all over again and I have no more of Clove and Ella's fantastic adventures into the past to read about and I have no way to see how it all connects together anymore because it is over.

If you, like I was, are looking for a new unique and different series that will make you fall in love I urge you to read this series. It's utterly phenomenal. I can't praise it enough. If you're going to read one duology this year make sure it is The Next Together. You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, November 3

Review: Another Together (The Next Together #1.5)

Another Together (The Next Together #1.5)
Lauren James

Published By: Walker Books
Publication Date: June 2, 2016
Date Read: October 26, 2016
Genre: YA - Sci-Fi
Source: Bought
Format: E-Book

From Goodreads:
Winter, 1940: there is a murderer on the loose at Bletchley Park, the headquarters of Britain’s most daring codebreaking operation against the Nazis. Can two young codebreakers Kitty and Matthew catch the killer?

This standalone short story can be enjoyed by new readers and existing fans of Lauren James’s The Next Together series.

There are no words to descibe how much love I felt while reading Lauren James' debut novel, The Next Together. I fell head over heels in love with the characters and their reincarnations and felt a deep sadness after finishing it as I just wanted more. Another Together is perfect for giving you that. You can read Another Together without having read The Next Together as it doesn't spoil anything about the novel but I feel like it it perfect for reading afterwards. When you've finished the novel and you just need more of Katherine and Matthew and their phenomenal love stories. That's what this novella gave me.

I loved Another Together so much. I loved being transported back into the past with these characters that I fell so madly in love with while reading The Next Together. I quickly found myself almost finished the novella and I never wanted it to end. It ended far too quickly and I just wanted to read more and more and more. Lauren James could write full length novels about every single one of their lives and I still would be wanting more.

If you, like me, have finished The Next Together and are left wanting more this novella is perfect for you. I adored every moment of it and I can't wait to read the sequel to this series. It's fast becoming a favourite of mine.

Wednesday, November 2

Review: The Next Together (The Next Together #1)

The Next Together (The Next Together #1)
Lauren James

Published By: Walker Publishing
Publication Date: September 3, 2015
Date Read: August 14, 2015
Genre: YA - Sci-Fi
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages:  356

From Goodreads:
How many times can you lose the person you love?

Katherine and Matthew are destined to be born again and again, century after century. Each time, their presence changes history for the better, and each time, they fall hopelessly in love, only to be tragically separated.

Spanning the Crimean War, the Siege of Carlisle and the near-future of 2019 and 2039 they find themselves sacrificing their lives to save the world. But why do they keep coming back? What else must they achieve before they can be left to live and love in peace?

Maybe the next together will be different...

A powerful and epic debut novel for teenagers about time-travel, fate and the timelessness of first love. The Next Together is told through a mixture of regular prose, diary entries, letters, "original" historical documents, news reports and internet articles.

The Next Together was a book I'd seen around a lot but never really looked into until I saw that the author, Lauren James, was going to be at YALC this year. After looking it up I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. A YA romance that includes time travel... erm YES PLEASE!!! That sounded like a book I would love. I was not wrong... I freaking adored this book. Right from the very start I was intrigued and curious and I just devoured this book in one sitting. I adored every moment of it.

Katherine and Matthew are destined to be together... literally. They have been reincarnated over and over again and each time they meet, fall in love only to be seperated by some sort of tragedy and then it repeats all over again. The Next Together shows the story of their love, jumping through different lives in different time periods. But why do they keep getting reincarnated? And could there be one time where they can just be happy together?

There are seriously no words to describe how much I freaking adored this book. Every moment of it was phenomenal. I loved that there are different time periods in this book. It's like a historical book and a modern book all rolled into one and that is so unique and different from anything I've ever read before. I loved how unique it was and I couldn't read this book fast enough.

Lauren James is such a talented author. I absolutely adored every single second of her writing. Right from page one she grabbed my attention and she did not let it go until I had read the entire book. She very cleverly told this story through different mediums such as prose text, letters, emails and articles to name but a few. It made me so enamoured in these characters lives and she kept me completely hooked from start to finish.

I loved the fact that we saw these characters fall in love over and over again. I loved seeing their different lives and it kept me wondering whether there was a reason why they kept getting reincarnated over and over. This book kept me so curious and needing to know more by there being lines like 'intervention required' and 'rebooting'. This made me think that someone else was in control of their lives and that there was a purpose. It made me devour this book in one day.

The Next Together was a intriguing, moving and emotional book. In every time zone I fell in love with these characters and with the ones in the past you clearly knew something had to have happened because at the same time you're reading their reincarnated selves but yet I still felt like my heart was being ripped out everytime something bad happened to them. If you're looking for an amazing YA romance with a hint of time travel this book is for you. It's one of the best books I've ever read and I can't wait to read the sequel.

"I want to spend this life and the next together."