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Blog Tour: Shadow Magic by Joshua Khan

~ About the Book ~

Shadow Magic (Shadow Magic #1)
Joshua Khan

Release Date: October 6, 2016
Genre: Middle Grade - Fantasy
Published By: Scholastic

Thorn, an outlaw's son, wasn't supposed to be a slave. He's been sold to Tyburn, an executioner, and they're headed to Castle Gloom in Gehenna, the land of undead, where Thorn will probably be fed to a vampire.

Lilith Shadow wasn't supposed to be ruler of Gehenna. But following the murder of her family, young Lily became the last surviving member of House Shadow, a long line of dark sorcerers. Her country is surrounded by enemies and the only way she can save it is by embracing her heritage and practicing the magic of the undead. But how can she when, as a girl, magic is forbidden to her?

Just when it looks like Lily will have to leave her home forever, Thorn arrives at Castle Gloom. A sudden death brings them together, inspires them to break the rules, and leads them to soar to new heights in this fantasy with all the sparkle and luster of a starry night sky.

The awesome author of this amazing fantasy book is here today to tell us about his five favourite places to work.

Five places to work

This is the big one on Charing Cross Road. Now Foyles is my fav bookshop ever, and the old one had a great café with rickety wooden stools, uneven tables and a shortage of power sockets. I went there so often I got a staff discount. The big tables were great as people shared and got chatting and you could spread out our manuscript.
The new Foyles café’s grown on me. The lighting is great, bright and airy and that makes a change, but too slick and still a total lack of power sockets. My laptop’s old and needs constant charging so the power sockets are an issue. Still, what’s great is how people migrate to Foyles, so you can bump into random people if you hang out there long enough, which I basically do.

This is in West Dulwich and round the corner from my house. I’ve written most of my books there, it opened pretty much the same week I became as full time writer. The owner, Aiden, is a huge Game of Thrones fan (both books and tv series), so we’ve had plenty of long discussions!
Tragically, it closed down just this last Saturday! I’m gutted.

I know, my bad. But with the loss of Tea West I need another local spot and its comfortable, his wi-fi and the coffee is great and they do the best iced lemon tea. Plus there are lots of power sockets. I usually do a morning shift, once the kids have gone to school I’ll head down there till lunchtime.
It has a community feel, unexpected for a franchise, but it’s small and cosy enough to work. You get a few mothers groups, regulars and workers grabbing their morning caffeine boost. I love cafes, the people watching is of best quality and there’s something fascinating of seeing the mix of regulars who use the place like me, as a work station, and the casual user.

Weird, but true. I used to work there as an engineer, and at lunchtimes I’d head over to airside (through the passport control to the duty free section) with my notepad. Airports have a unique buzz, and airside more than landside as everyone around you is on their way. These transit places really appeal to me, train stations too, and I could spend all day just hanging out. It’s the sense of adventure and anticipation, inspiring when wanting to create your own.

Okay, way back before I was published, had an agent or even proper internet (I’m talking dial-up modem days of the ancient past) I wrote at the kitchen table with my wife’s laptop at the 10pm to midnight slot when everyone was asleep and I wasn’t going to get interrupted. More often than not with the dishwasher on (it warmed the kitchen perfectly). I think I did that for four years, one draft after another. There was something truly magical about that period. No matter how crap the day job had been, there was this to look forward to. Even now this is what’s so wonderful about this job. When you’re in the story, everything else goes away. Nothing is more consuming, to me, than storytelling.

~ About The Author ~

Joshua Khan was born in Britain. From very early on he filled himself with the stories of heroes, kings and queens until there was hardly any room for anything else. He can tell you where King Arthur was born* but not what he himself had for breakfast. So, with a head stuffed with tales of legendary knights, wizards and great and terrible monsters it was inevitable Joshua would want to create some of his own. Hence SHADOW MAGIC. Josh lives in London with his family, but he’d rather live in a castle. It wouldn’t have to be very big, just as long as it had battlements.
*Tintagel, in case you were wondering.

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