Sunday, August 7

K-Books Time at #YALC Day 3 - Sunday

Sunday saw the third and final day of #YALC - *sad face*

Anyway check out what was on.

There wasn't a whole lot of stuff on on this day that I wanted to go to so I basically had a chill out day with a couple of signings waiting for the Potter Party on the afternoon.

First thing I did was go to see two authors. I saw Harriet Reuter Hapgood, author of The Square Root of Summer who was super awesome and asked me where I was from as she went to university up north. Then I went and saw Catherin Doyle, who had the best cosplay of Lucius Malfoy going on. She was super awesome.

After that I went down to Comic Con for a little while. Had a look on someof the stalls and got my picture took on the Iron Throne :D

I also bought these gorgeous Spineless Classics for so cheap. I can't wait to get them framed and up on the wall in my house.

Then it was finally time for the Potter Party. It kicked off with a cosplay competition. And some of the costumes were great but none quite as great as the person dressed up as Gilderoy Lockheart. They weren't dressed as Lockheart... they WERE lockheart. With comments such as 'I see none of my books are in the bookshop, good that means you've all bought them' and 'I will be signing later' of course they won. And who rocked up to give them their prize? Non other than Natalia Tena... yes Tonks actually showed up I was so gobsmacked.

After that we did some games and Slytherin burst our Ravenclaw baloon... evil Slytherin. In the end Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff drew for the house cup!!!! WOOP!

After that I left to go and get my train home. It was such a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to do it all again next year.

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