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Early Review: No Falling Allowed (No Kissing Allowed #2)

No Falling Allowed
Melissa West

Published By: Entangled Embrace
Publication Date: July 18, 2016
Date Read: June 8, 2016
Source: BETA Copy from Melissa
Format: E-Book

From Goodreads:
My life just went South…

Twenty-four hours. That’s how long it took my life to flip upside down.

Wake up in bed alone after the best night of my life? Check.

Get fired instead of the promised promotion? Check.

Wealthy parents cut me off when I refuse to follow their path for my life? Check.

Now I’m in Cricket Creek, SC—a place where no New Yorker belongs—disowned and broke, with a new job that I can’t mess up. Oh yeah, and staring at my one-night stand, who happens to be the complete opposite of my type.




Noah Hunter never should have made it back to my apartment in NYC, and I definitely shouldn’t be in his small town. But fate had another plan. Or a horrible sense of humor.

Who knew Mr. Wrong could feel so right…

There are seriously no words to explain how much of a fan of Melissa West's I am. Ever since I was lucky enough to get her YA debut Gravity for review from Entangled Teen, I have been obsessed. When Melissa asked me to start BETA reading for her I just about started crying and having heart failure I was so excited. I loved the first book in this series, No Kissing Allowed and No Falling Allowed absolutely did not disappoint. Right from the very start my inner fangirl was completely squealing for being able to read this book.

Grace was such an incredible main character and completely relatable to the audience. She has been kind of suppressed by her family, who will not allow her to follow her own dreams. When she meets Noah, a sexy but cocky bartender he is usually the kind of guy that she avoids. He is just too risky for her perfect life. But sparks fly and when they find themselves in the same small town due to Grace's new job it's hard for Grace to remember just why she should stay away from Noah.

I absolutely adored this book. The two main characters are awesome. I find Grace to relatable and awesome and Noah is just the kind of guy that every romance book needs. He is funny and sexy with confidence just overlapping into cockiness. I loved both of the characters as they met and flirted and genuinelly this book is hilarious.

I couldn't stop reading. Once again Melissa drew me in on that first page and wouldn't let me go. I finished this book in one sitting. I was forgetting that I even had to eat... it was more important for me to finish this book. I haven't found a book that grabbed me like that for such a long long time.

No Falling Allowed was everything I ever could have wanted in a book. It was utter perfection and I loved every single moment of it. If you're going to read one New Adult Contemporary book this year make sure it is this one. Coming from someone who is very very particular about NA books and who isn't impressed by a lot of them this one is without a doubt one of the best ones you will ever read.

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