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Review: The Faerie Prince (Creepy Hollow #2)

The Faerie Prince (Creepy Hollow #2)
Rachel Morgan

Publication Date: May 30, 2013
Date Read: February 14, 2016
Genre:  YA - Fantasy / Fae
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages: 360
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From Goodreads:
Packed with spine-tingling intrigue and swoonworthy romance, the plot thickens in this YA fantasy from Amazon bestselling author, Rachel Morgan...

Guardian trainee Violet Fairdale is just weeks away from one of the most important occasions of her life: graduation. After messing up big time by bringing a human into the fae realm, Vi needs to step up her game and forget about Nate if she hopes to graduate as the top guardian of her year. Everything would be fine if she wasn’t forced to partner with Ryn, her ex-friend, ex-enemy, current ‘sort of friend’. They might be trying to patch up their relationship, but does she really want to spend a week undercover with him for their final assignment? On top of that, the possibly insane Unseelie Prince is still on the loose, free to ‘collect’ as many specially talented faeries as he can find—and Vi is still at the top of his list. Add in faerie queens, enchanted storms, complicated not-just-friends feelings, and a murder within the Guild itself, and graduation is about to become the least of Vi’s problems.

“But unlike anyone else,” Ryn adds, “if you upset the Seelie Queen, she might start shrieking, ‘Off with their heads!’.” The four of us stare at him. He stares back. “What? It’s . . . from a book. Never mind.”

After devouring the first book in the Creepy Hollow series in a few days, I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. The Faerie Prince was not a disappointment. It picked up right where The Faerie Guardian left off. Rachel once again gripped me from the start and I couldn't put it down until I had devoured the entire thing.

Violet has sealed herself as one of my all time favourite heroines in YA. I just love her. The Faerie Prince saw Violet be a little bit more vulnerable than in the first novel and I loved seeing this side of her. We say her vulnerable but we saw her total kick-ass'ness as well. She is just such a crazy awesome guardian and we saw that part of her that I just adore.

Nate... what the hell Nate???? I really liked Nate in the first book. He made some questionable choices but I was all ready to forgive him and fall in love with him in this book but Rachel took the romance aspect of this book in a way that I didn't expect but I am so so glad that she did. I really started to dislike Nate in this book and I don't know what the heck he is playing at but I seriously don't like it. Not cool Nate.... not cool at all!

Ryn... oh my Ryn! I liked Ryn so much in the previous book. Even when he was a total ass I still liked him. Well Rachel has made me fall head over heels in love with Ryn. I knew there was something behind his hostileness and although I think he was an absolute idiot for behaving like that I can understand it because of his fears that come out in this book. I just adore him so so much. And the more I read the more I just wanted to reach into the book and push him and Violet together. They were totally and utterly perfect for each other and I so needed their romance to happen.

The Faerie Prince was jam packed with action scenes and the more I read the more I fell in love with this story and this world. I just love everything about it. The Faerie Prince was an epic instalment in such an epic series. If you haven't read this series I suggest you do so! It's absolutely phenomenal and I cannot wait to see how Violet's story is going to end in The Faerie War.

"You have always been the one for me, even when we couldn't stand each other. You're beautiful and hot and sexy all at once, and you're more intelligent than any girl I've met. I love the fact that I've known you all my life. It just feels right when you're beside me. It feel like I've been lost in the desert for years, and... I've finally come home.”

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