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Review: Mirror X (Van Winkle Project #1)

Mirror X (Van Winkle Project #1)
Karri Thompson

Published By: Entangled Teen
Publication Date: June 30, 2014
Date Read: April 17, 2015
Genre: YA - Dystopia
Source: For Review from Entangled Teen
Format: E-Book
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From Goodreads:
Cassie Dannacher wakes up in a hospital over 1,000 years into the future after her space capsule is retrieved from space. She soon learns that 600 years prior to her arrival, the earth was struck by a plague, killing over half of the world’s population. Na├»ve and desperate, Cassie, who longs for home and is having trouble adjusting to the new, dictatorial 31st century government, is comforted by Michael Bennett, the 20-year old lead geneticist at the hospital where she was revived.

But why is Cassie in genetics’ hospital in the first place, and why do several of the people around her seem so familiar, including Travel Carson, the hot and edgy boy she is fated to meet? Soon she discovers there is a sinister answer to all of her questions – and that they want something from Cassie that only she can give.

I am such a huge fan of Entangled Teen books. It may be weird to be a fan of a publisher but I feel like they publish some of the best in YA books. So when I heard about this one I was really looking forward to reading it. It's an Entangled Teen book and it's a YA Dystopia book. That sounds like the perfect book for me. And I started off really loving this book. It captured my interest and made me want to keep reading. Considering I had been in a massive reading rut prior to this that was big thing. But then as I got further in the book there was something in the storyline that I just didn't like at all and it changed my whole opinion of the book.

First of all let me just start of by saying that Karri is a fantastic author. Her writing style really grabbed me right from the start. Her storytelling skills are fantastic and I would definitely pick up more of her books. Unforunately there's just parts of this storyline that I just cannot read and that's why I had to end up DNF'ing this book.

Be warned there may be spoilers in the coming paragraphs so read on at your own risk!

My initial thought was that this storyline was interesting and unique. Cassie, our main protagonist is suddenly woken up thousands of years in the future. She was in a major accident and her family hoping one day we would develop the technology to save her get her body frozen. Jump ahead over 1000 years and the world has drastically changed. Humans have been replaces by clones and all of the female clones are infertile. Which means they are dying out. Which leaves 16-year-old Cassie their only source of help. (This is where it starts to get Icky) At this point of the book I was a little bit reserved thinking this was a bit strange. Then I read on...

Cassie is basically told that she has no choice but to have children. They won't make her have sex since she is still a virgin but will artificially impregnate her. Cassie does not want this and they basically say they will force her... not only that they will make sure genetically that she only has girls so that then they can do the same 'duty' for the world. At this point I felt sick. All of the other reviews I have seen on this book state how selfish Cassie is for not wanting to have children and help save the world. What an honour. Well I'm sorry guys but I'm 24 and if someone said that to me I'd act exactly the same as Cassie. No way would anyone be forcing me to have children. If I have children that'll be my decision not anybody elses.

Then it got too much for me... we found out that Cassie was already pregnant because they had already artificially impregnated her while she was still asleep and frozen... without her consent. That was it for me. I couldn't read on. It made me so flipping angry and it's disgusting for anyone to think they can do that to anyone. Especially a teenage girl.

So yeah I just couldn't handle that storyline. It was disgusting me and making me feel physically ill so I ended up not reading it.

I know many people who loved this book but I just couldn't do it. I ended up really hating the storyline because it's just too much in terms of my beliefs.

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