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K-Books Time at #YALC 2015: Day 2 - Saturday

After a phenomenal day on #YALC Friday I had a pretty disastrous night. I have a problem with my back and I'm waiting for physiotherapy for it and after dragging the case round all day on Friday it was hurting so bad I cried most of the night in pain and maybe got 30 minutes sleep. So it's fair to say I was absolutely exhausted on Saturday! But regardless I was excited to see what the day would hold on Day 2. We arrived at YALC at around quarter to ten and due to my snazzy YALC Wristband I didn't have to queue I just got to walk straight in. I was sure today would be better as I didn't have my case to pull around I just had my bag full of books ready to be signed.

Check out what was on on Saturday

First of all I bumped into another Blogger that I absolutely adore. Michelle from Tales of Yesterday and I couldn't have been more excited!!!

How awesome is she? We had a good gossip for a while but then it was time for the first panel of the day.

Now this is the time when this post does not go in order of the day like yesterdays. I'm going to talk about all of the panels that I went to first and then the signings. Most of the signings happened straight after the talk with that author participating but I'll tell you later on at what point I went to those.

Panel Events:

I attended 4 Panel Events on Saturday. See the info about those panels including pictures of the panels here.

Panel 1: YA: The Next Generation featuring Alice Oseman, Lucy Saxon, Helena Coggan and Taran Mathans chaired by Samantha Shannon

This panel involved the young authors talking about their journey into publishing from such a young age.

First of all doesn't Lucy Saxon look amazing in her cosplay? She is so awesome!

The Panel claimed that anyone can write YA as we have all been a teenager at one point.
Lucy Saxon claimed that she had been 17 for 3 years in the media as the younger they think you are when you get published the better it looks.
Alice Oseman said she got a lot of inspiration for Solitaire from Tumblr.

Sorry guys I can't remember a whole lot of this one and I didn't tweet very much during this one - it was that good! But it made me really want to read Samantha Shannon's books as she was amazing on this panel.

Panel 2: Shadowhunters featuring Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan

Cassandra Clare spoke with her close friend Sarah Rees Brennan about many things and they even showed some pictures from the set of the new TV Series Shadowhunters.

I missed the majority of it as I knew Cassie's and Sarah's signing queue's would be enormous but I got to see some of the pictures from the set of Shadowhunters and it looks amazing! I know this would have been hilarious as I saw the two of them together at an event in Newcastle last year. They are both amazing.

Panel 3: Being a Girl, featuring Hayley Long, CJ Daugherty, Holly Smale, Malorie Blackman and Laura Dockrill, chaired by Anna James

Talking feminism in YA, this panel got heated and was 100% my favourite panel of the day. 

Hayley Long claimed that she didn't feel the need to say that she was a feminist as of course she is. She also wondered whether the word feminism would become redundant as we inch more towards equality.
Malorie Blackman on the other hand disagreed and thinks there is much more to do before we achieve equality. Malorie told us how when her daughter was small she took her to both the female and male sections of the toy shop as nobody was going to tell her or her daughter what she should play with because of her gender *preach*  Malorie then went on to detail that Feminist in YA Fiction is about portraying recognisable, relatable characters with flaws.

Holly Smale told us how she was classed as an 'angry feminist' from a young age when she hit a boy with a stick for telling her she couldn't do something because she was a girl (at this point I fell even more in love with Holly). She also told us that it's really important not to undermine anything feminine as not being feminist. Feminism is all about equality not just women. Holly also claimed that books do not have to be 'about' feminism to be feminist.

Laura Dockrill detailed about the problem with trying to write from a male point of view. People always ask about how you got into the head of that character, She says "No one asks that about animals. No one asks how you got in the head of that ZEBRA, but write about a man...'

Panel 4: Carrie Hope Fletcher's YALC Book Club featuring Carrie as chair chatting to Malorie Blackman, Holly Smale and Samantha Shannon

This is the panel I went to but wasn't sure whether I'd really like it but I loved it. Carrie chatted to the authors about writing, getting published and book recommendations. Great Panel.

I don't remember a whole lot about this one as it was just a more informal chat but I did learn that Carrie Hope Fletcher is writing a novel which I am looking forward to as I haven't read her book as I don't really read Non-fiction


Following the YA: The Next Generation talk I went for a walk around the publisher stands bought a few books (some I'll show you later in this post) and then went and joined the queue for Cassie Clare... but discovered that I was number 87 so thought I'd do Sarah Rees Brennan first.

I was at the front of Sarah Rees Brennan's queue and I was so excited to see her again. I was given a post-it note to put my name on from some of the YALC staff while we were waiting for Sarah. Once Sarah saw my name on the post-it she said "Kayleigh from K-Books I saw you in Newcastle with Holly" I was so excited that she recognised and remembered me. That's the second author this weekend so far to recognise me. Anyway we had a little chat she gave me a penny necklace (which I ended up giving Laura my roommate for the weekend as I already had one) and she noticed my bookmark in my copy of Unspoken in which she said "oh you haven't finished which means you're not mad at me yet" she made me slightly frightened (FYI I have finished now and I am so angry at her!!!). She was super awesome and super nice and I just love her.

Following Sarah Rees Brennan's signing it was time for me to jump over to Cassie Clare's queue. When I got to the front she noticed that I had the US hardbacks of her books rather than the UK editions. When I told her I liked to get my fave series in hardback and now I had to get all her books in hardback she pretty much finished my sentence for me and said 'so they match right? you can't have books that don't match' Like finally someone gets my obsession with matching editions!!! Anyway even though she wasn't supposed to take pictures with anyone due to having so many people in her line she let me take a selfie with her... I am epically terrible at taking selfies and I've ended up as a floating head but hey... who cares? It's Cassie Clare.

After the Cassie Clare signings I went off to the Being a Girl Panel which I've spoke about already. Now when they opened up the panel for questions from the audience I slipped out of the panel to join the queue for the signings.

First of all was Laura Dockrill, a new author I only came across a few weeks ago when Hot Key Books sent me an ARC of her book Lorali, well the cover is so gorgeous I just couldn't help but buy the finished copy and go get it signed. Laura is so beautiful and amazing and she looks incredible and mermaid-y which was very appropriate for her book.

Now after seeing Laura and after hearing the About A Girl Panel CJ Daugherty has impressed me so much and I knew I just had to read her books. So off I went to buy the first book in her series, Night School. I waited in her incredibly long queue and when I got to the front something unexpected happened. She recognised me... this incredible author that I have never read anything by recognised me! Now, I have followed CJ on twitter for a while but I never knew she followed me back. We had this amazing conversation and she asked me how my journey to London had been because she'd been following my journey on twitter and she was so happy to meet me and I couldn't believe it! I feel so incredibly terrible that I have never read any of her books and I plan to read this one as soon as possible. She is so awesome and I now adore her!

After that off I went to the YALC Book Club Panel and once again left the panel when they opened up to questions. This time to join the queue for Holly Smale, author of Geek Girl. The queue was already super long but I had carried all 4 of Holly's books with me, I had missed her signing last year as I had to leave YALC early to travel home so I was certainly waiting for her. When I got to the front she chatted with me for ages. She was talking about how her books are getting published in America and how hard it is for a UK author to make it over there in which I told her I'd already gushed about her books to my US friends. She was super awesome and I'm so happy I finally got to meet her. I cannot wait to read the next Geek Girl book. Oh and she also gushed with me about the fact that I didn't have her latest one with me because I was waiting for the paperback so my books matched. I'd told her I read it on kindle but I need book to match on my shelves and she agreed with me! She told me about how she has all the international editions of her books and how it makes her shelves look odd. She totally understands me!

Agent Area:

This year at YALC there was a special Agents Area where you could talk to them. Saturday saw a talk from an agent and 3 authors about publishing in the UK and the US - what's the difference? Even though I'm a reader, not a writer and I don't intend to be a writer or work in publishing I thought that it would be really interesting to go to... and it was.

We saw an Agent, CJ Daugherty, Marie Rutkoski and Virginia Bergin, all authors that have been published in both the UK and the US. I found out things that I really didn't know. CJ Daugherty told us about when she had already published her book in the UK and when she got her US deal she thought it would be easy as her book had already been thoroughly edited. But her US publisher wanted more story editing which would mean the book would be different from the one already published in the UK. We learnt that this is where the agent comes in and acts as the mediator between author and editor.

I learned that when a UK book gets published in the US they edit the book so that all UK spellings are changed to US spellings and certain words are changed for better understanding for the US readers. Such as pavement would be changed to sidewalk and things like that.

Another area of interest for me was the reasoning behind the paperbacks in the UK and the hardbacks in the US. Here in the UK it is very very rare for a YA book to be published in hardback. The only ones that really get published in hardback is those that they know will sell millions. For example the first Harry Potter books were published straight away in paperback and then mid-series, after they had seen how well they have done, they started publishing them in hardback first. However in the US it is very rare for a YA book to be published straight away in paperback. If this happens then the publisher is basically saying to the business and booksellers that they think it's going to be a flop and not do very well so they haven't invested the money to produce the more expensive hardback.

They also talked about covers and titles. One which was shown was Virginia Bergin's The Rain Series, published in Hardback as H20 in the US. H20 was actually Virginia's original title and the US publisher liked it but the UK one didn't so they changed it. The hardback in the US had little cut out sections on the dustjacket to show the design that is underneath and printed on the actual hardback. The agent present said that this is because of the ride in e-readers and people reading e-books the publishers are starting to do these more fancy designed covers in order to entice people to buy the hardcopy.

As soon as I walked in on Saturday I noticed people walking around in YALC t-shirts and noticed they were selling them. So super amazing and I just had to go buy one #Yalc #ClassOf2015

I bought a few books on the Saturday but there's only two that I want to share. First of all the publicists at MyKindaBook did such a fantastic job selling this book. This book is not released until September and I had never heard of it... which is quite rare for a blogger as usually we have seen it about somewhere online and on other blogs but this one just seemed to come out of nowhere. This is how it was pitched to me which made me want to read it so bad.

It's about a girl, her gay best friend and the boy who is in love with both of them.
Seriously, give me that book now. I am so reading this one very very soon!

The other one I wanted to share was because I got it given to me for free. This one was definitely a right time right place thing as just as I was walking past the Walker Books publisher stand one of the guys behind it asked if I had the book and if I wanted it because there was a damaged copy that they couldn't sell. He showed me the 'damage' and all it was was a smudge on the back that's barely noticable. So I got a free copy.

Saturday was an amazing second day of YALC. I was purely exhausted and so we left soon after the Agent Talk and I was ready to go back to the hotel

My Highlight of Saturday: Probably Sarah Rees Brennan remembering me or talking to CJ Daugherty. They were both the best
My One Regret: Not seeing Amber, an awesome blogger who was there but I didn't see her once. I really wish that we could have met in person. Maybe next year.

Stop by tomorrow for my wrap up of the last day of YALC Sunday


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    What a cool day! I cant believe how organised everyone is - I'm only just writing my first YALC post! I was also at the Newcastle event with Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan - it was such good fun!

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