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Top 10 Breakthrough Authors of 2014

Hey Guys,
So Top 10 of 2014 is over but I always do this post every year and who am I to break tradition?
This is my Top 10 Breakthrough Authors of 2014. These authors are NOT all 2014 debuts, some of them have had books out for years but I just haven't read their books until this year.

So this is the NEW-TO-ME authors, the ones that are a breakthrough to me personally, the ones who I was introduced to their work in 2014...

You can click on the book titles to be taken to my review

10. Lisa Burstein 

One amazing author I read for the first time this year was the amazing Lisa Burstein. I know what you are thinking where the heck have you been? I've had her Pretty Amy series on my shelf for ages and this was the year that I finally started it... and I loved it. Her books are so good and I can't believe I didn't read her books sooner.

Pretty Amy Review
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9. Holly Smale

Holly Smale is another author that I have had her books on my shelf since they came out but never got to. On the lead up to meeting her at YALC I decided to dive into her series and it was phenomenal. Her Geek Girl series is amazing and I absolutely adored everything about it.

8. Tonya Kuper

Tonya's debut novel Anomaly came out in the later months of 2014 and I absolutely adored it. It's a perfect YA Paranormal novel and I love her writing. She interlinks the paranormal with science and I just thought that was amazing. I can't wait to read more of her work in the future.

7. Elizabeth Langston

Elizabeth is an author who has been on my radar for a while but I just never got around to reading her work. This changed this year with her newest novel, I Wish. I absolutely loved it. It's a fantastic YA with genies... yes genies. It's so unique and wonderful I absolutely loved it.

6. Alice Oseman

Alice Oseman's debut Solitaire is one of my favourite books of the year. Alice's writing style was fantastic and she made this beautiful, raw and real contemporary book. It was all kinds of amazing and Alice is now on my auto-buy-authors list.

 5. Brenda St John Brown

Brenda is a great friend of mine and this year her debut NA novel came out. Swimming to Tokyo was one of the most amazing books I have ever read and I loved every moment of it. Brenda is another author who this year went straight on my auto-buy-authors list.

4. Kate Ormand

Kate Ormand blew me away this year with her dystopian debut Dark Days. It was dark, action-packed and moving. In other words... all kinds of awesome. I already have a soft spot for dystopia novels but this one was just so amazing and unique so Kate is one of my 'authors to watch out for'.

3. Elizabeth May

So technically her debut came out in 2013 but I didn't pick up The Falconer until this year... and it totally blew me away. Without a doubt the best fantasy / steampunk / utterly awesome book I've ever read. I need the sequel like three months ago.

2. Holly Bourne

Holly Bourne is one author that I came across this year and while I am so glad I did because her books are all kinds of amazing and uplifting I kind of don't because she brings all the feels and breaks my heart loads.

Holly Bourne, a.k.a The Evil Queen of Emotions... she will fill your heart with love and then rip it out.

1. Non Pratt

Non Pratt's debut novel Trouble released in March and it is the most moving, beautiful, uplifting, raw and amazing book I may have ever read. There are no words to explain my feels towards this book and nothing I say can ever do justice to this absolute gem of a book. It's just stunning. From the story to the characters to Non's absolute phenomenal writing. She is one of my new favourite authors and 100% deserves the top spot on 2014's Breakthrough Authors.

So that's it guys, My to 10 breakthrough authors of 2014.

Now I have one honourable mention...

Melissa Grey

Melissa would have actually made the Top 3 of my list, maybe even the top spot, as her debut novel Girl At Midnight was absolutely amazing. 

It's one of my favourite books I read this year and the only reason that she isn't in the official list is that her debut novel hasn't actually released yet. She is a 2015 debut novelist and let me tell you Girl At Midnight is stunningly amazing. I adored it and I cannot wait for it to release.

She will more than likely be on my list for next year.

Girl At Midnight Review will be live in the new year.


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