Tuesday, January 27

K-Books 2015 Goals

Hey Guys,
So I meant to do this post right at the beginning of the month but due to my crazy busy new job... and my grandmother sadly passing away 2 weeks ago I just haven't been doing much of anything. So here it finally is. My goals for this year... this is a mix of reading, blogging and just everything book related.

Goal 1: Don't Partake in ANY Blog Tours

Okay, so I've already broken this one a little. I signed up for the blog tour for Collide by Melissa West but I've already read it and so it doesn't count for the reason I'm not doing blog tours.

When I sign up for blog tours I always end up getting talked into doing review stops. I always have the best intentions and obviously I want to read the book otherwise I wouldn't have even signed up for the tour... but if I am on a time scale for reading a book I find well actually I don't want to read it right now. I am very much a mood reader... I can't read a book I'm not in the mood for otherwise I will just end up hating it... even if it's the kind of book I love. I need to read what I want when I want so to enable me to do this I am not signing up for any blog tours this year.. unless it's a book I have already read (like Collide).

Goal 2: Read What I Want When I Want

This is very much linked into the first one. For the past 2 years I have tried so hard to get my TBR down and it has failed everytime. Why? Because of review books and blog tour books. This year I am just reading what I want, when I want. I have decided not to care whether it's a review book or one I've had on my shelf for years. I am just going to take the preassure off myself. Usually I feel so preassured to read my review books before they are released but I just can't do that. I can't read a book just becuse I feel like I have to. So I'm letting go of that pressure. Publishers... I really appreciate all the review books you send me and know that I WILL read and review it... but I need to wait until I am in the mood for it. I need to read what I want when I want.

Goal 3: To accept LESS review books

This is going to be a tough one. I am such an impatient person. When I see all these amazing books that are coming out in the next few months I just want all the books now... but realistically I cannot read all of those books before they release. It's physically impossible. I'm not a slow reader but I'm not a speed reader either. I don't have much time to read anymore. I am a full-time lecturer and I only have limited time to read... so I want to only accept or download from NG/EW the books I know I will definitely read soon.

Goal 4: Limit my book buying to 2/3 per month

The reason I have so many books on my TBR list is I am an obsessive book buyer. So this year I want to limit myself. I get paid from my job monthly so each time I get paid I am going to choose a limited amount of books that I can buy that month. I am limiting it to 3. No more than that. I am hoping that this is going to help that TBR go down a lot.

Goal 5: Not Be Stressed By Blogging

My problem with being a blogger is I always feel like I am letting all my followers down if I don't post a review every week but sometimes life gets in the way and I can't do that. This year I want to let that go. I always have my 2 memes go up every week as I always bulk schedule them two months at a time. With that knowledge that there will be SOMETHING going up each week I'm gonna take my time reading and just reviewing when I finish the book and when I have time.

Goal 6: Not Rush Reading

And finally... not rush through reading. Remind myself that it's not a race! I always feel like I shoud have finished this book already it's only (insert p number here) pages. Why have I not finished yet? I need to remind myself that it's not a race. I need to slow down and take time reading and enjoying the book. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to read... you just need to enjoy the ride throughout the book.

So that's it guys... here's to a great and stress-free year of books, reviews and fun


  1. Last year I had an awful time blogging! I lost the passion for it. But the end the last year I took 2 months off and it made all the difference. I have decided to just read what I want when I want it. I am like you I am very much a mood reader. I think when you force yourself to read you just don't enjoy it as much.

    I was going to stop taking part in blog tours but decided I will take part but no reviews! lol. I end up letting people down because I end up not wanting to read or not having time.


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