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Top 10 of 2014: Top 10 Book Covers of 2014

Hey guys,
Welcome to the second day of Top 10 of 2014.
If you missed day 1 CLICK HERE to see my Top 10 Reads of 2014.
Today I'm gonna be showing you the Top 10 Covers of 2014. Some of them I have read some of them I haven't but these are, in my opinion, the most beautiful book covers of the year...

~ Top 10 Covers of 2014 ~

10. Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley

This is a YA Contemporary Romance book and I just love this cover. You always see the same old covers for contemporary books with a couple on and I love that they stayed away from that with this one. I love the simplicity of the black background and the tags and then the only colour in the cover being part of the title and the tagline. Well done cover makers this is awesome!

I haven't read this one yet but it's on my list.

9. Inspire by Cora Carmack

This one is a NA Paranormal Romance and I think it's stunning. I think it's just so beautiful with the shadows of the girl, the dress. Everything. It's just so beautiful and it's definitely one that I would pick up and buy just based on the cover alone because it's so stunning. I love it.

I have read this one and it's one of my favourite books of the year. It was fantastic.

8. Don't Look Back by Jennifer L Armentrout

This is a YA Mystery/Thriller and this cover it just perfect. I love the ballerina and the reflection of her in the mirror gives me chills alone. The crack on the glass and the broken neck. It's just so creepy in a really good way. It really made me want to read the book and coming from someone who hates creepy and scary things that's saying a lot.

I have read this one and it was all kinds of wonderful. I loved it and it is to date, the only thriller that I have EVER liked.

7. Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas

This is a YA Fantasy book and that is one of the most kick-ass covers I've ever seen. I love the covers just as much as I love the series. This is the UK cover and I love the flash of turquoise over the white before Caelena. Love love love it.

I have read this one and I freaking adore it. The best installment of the series to date.

6. Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler

This one is a YA Contemporary Romance book and it is the redone cover. I love this one so much more than the original cover. It's just fantastic and it really sets the tone and mood of what the book is going to be. I think it's just beautiful and matches the cover for the follow up perfectly.

I haven't read this one yet but it's on my kindle waiting.

5. The Jewel by Amy Ewing

This one is a YA Dystopia book and I just adore this cover. It's so beautiful. It reminds me a little bit of The Selection series covers with the beautiful dress. I think it's just absolutely stunning and one of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen on a book.

I haven't read this one yet but it is sat waiting on my shelf and I cannot wait to start of it. 

4. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton

This one is a YA Fantasy and I love this cover because it just looks really unique and unusual. It's not a typical YA Fantasy cover and that's what makes it amazing. I love the simple colour background and that it's just a beautiful feather with the title within it. It's so pretty!

I haven't read this one yet, I've actually only just bought it and I cannot wait to start it. I hope the book is as good as the cover.

3. Trouble by Non Pratt

This one is a YA Contemporary Romance book and it's one of my favourite covers of all time. I love how simple it is and it makes me giggle everytime I see it. It really represents the story perfectly. I adore it and it's a case of where the publisher has really thought about what would represent the book well.

I have already read this one and it's one of my favourite books of all time. I adored it. Watch out tomorrow for something to do with this one.

2. The Winners Curse by Marie Rutkoski

This one is a YA Fantasy book and I adore this cover. There is nothing bad I can say about this cover. It's so stunning. I love the colour of the girls dress, I love how she is hanging on to the title and I love that the title is facing a different way to how we hold the book. It all just adds to the wonderful affect of the whole cover.

I have read this one and it's just all kinds of awesome. So much book love!

1. The Fine Art of Pretending by Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris is one of my favourite authors of all time. I adore everything of her and I actually read this book way way early as I'm one of Rachel's beta readers. I freaking adored the book and I read it way before it even had a cover. When I saw this cover I almost squealed out loud because this is just so unbelievably perfect and amazing for the book. It was way better than I ever could have imagined the cover being. It's utterly perfect!

So that's it for today... Let me know what your favourite covers of 2014 were by leaving me a comment.

Join me tomorrow for my Top 10 Contemporary Books of 2014


  1. I def have to grab the UK editions of ToG, love that series!

  2. I absolutely loved the cover of The Jewel. Too bad the book wasn't up to par with the cover. And I love The Winner's Curse cover, too. I know you weren't thrilled with the book. It's gorgeous colors, though. I won a copy in a contest last year and it came with swag and a beautiful eyeshadow!


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