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Early Review: Wicked (The Wicked Trilogy #1)

Wicked (Wicked Trilogy #1)
Jennifer L Armentrout

Publication Date: December 8, 2014
Date Read: November 31, 2014
Genre: NA - Paranormal Romance
Source: ARC from Jennifer L Armentrout & InkSlinger PR
Format: Paperback
Pages: 371
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From Goodreads:
Things are about to get Wicked in New Orleans.

Twenty-two year old Ivy Morgan isn’t your average college student. She, and others like her, know humans aren’t the only thing trolling the French Quarter for fun… and for food. Her duty to the Order is her life. After all, four years ago, she lost everything at the hands of the creatures she’d sworn to hunt, tearing her world and her heart apart.

Ren Owens is the last person Ivy expected to enter her rigidly controlled life. He’s six feet and three inches of temptation and swoon-inducing charm. With forest-green eyes and a smile that’s surely left a stream of broken hearts in its wake, he has an uncanny, almost unnatural ability to make her yearn for everything he has to offer. But letting him in is as dangerous as hunting the cold-blooded killers stalking the streets. Losing the boy she loved once before had nearly destroyed her, but the sparking tension that grows between them becomes impossible for Ivy to deny. Deep down, she wants… she needs more than what her duty demands of her, what her past has shaped for her.

But as Ivy grows closer to Ren, she realizes she’s not the only one carrying secrets that could shatter the frail bond between them. There’s something he’s not telling her, and one thing is for certain. She’s no longer sure what is more dangerous to her—the ancient beings threatening to take over the town or the man demanding to lay claim to her heart and her soul.
"No one outside of the Elite knows about us. We put the secret in Secret Squirrel."

Oh. My. Freaking. Fae!
There are literally no words to describe the feelings that I have right now about this phenomenal book. As soon as I heard about Wicked I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. New Adult Paranormal... erm YES! Written by the one and only Jennifer Freaking Armentrout.
It's not a surprise to anyone that JLA is my one and only soulmate author. Yes that's totally a thing! I will read anything and everything she writes. She could write a freaking TV manual or a telephone directory and I'd one-click the hell out of it. When I opened my post to find an exclusive ARC of Wicked. I screamed, cried, jumped up and down and then squealed some more. Wicked is without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read and possibly the best book I have read this year!

I have been head over heels in love with Jennifer L Armentrout's work since her debut back in 2011. I have devoured and loved everything that she has wrote and Wicked is no exception. Right from the very first page I was hooked into this amazing new world. Jennifer's outstandingly perfect writing style sucked me straight in and wouldn't let my attention go until I had devoured it all. Even the very short break I had from this book while walking my dog all I could think about was Wicked and what was going to happen. Jennifer L Armentrout is the queen of all literature seriously. She is the best and we all need to bow down to the Queen.

Wicked involved the very awesome creatures of The Fae. I have read many fae series and some I've loved and some I've not so loved but naturally with anything JLA I loved this one. Jennifer's take on the Fae is very different to everything that I have read involving them in the past. We still hear about the basic fae tales so having summer and winter and things like that but she has changed it completely. Add in The Order and The Elite and Wicked is packed full of secrets, surprises and twists that will keep you guessing all the way throughout the book.

Ivy is one of the most awesome female leads in a NA series I've ever come across. I find a lot of NA heroine's have had a really traumatic past and they let that bleed into the way they act. Not Ivy. She is totally kick-ass and looks out for herself and I love that about her. She is just what we need in NA books. Enter Ren, the super swoony and beautiful ad badass and HAWT and smexy male lead. I fell head over heels in love with him. I adore him (Not as much as Aiden though, please peeps nobody beats Aiden). He is so wonderfully awesome and I cannot wait to see more of him in Book 2.

Wicked was everything I could have imagined and wanted and more. It was absolute perfection wrapped up in a beautifully written and expertly developed world. I loved every single moment of it. Jen kept me guessing right until the very end wondering what could possibly happen next. Wicked is filled with heart melting romance, kick-ass characters and edge-of-the-seat action. I couldn't put it down and the ending, oh my god the ending. It has completely left me stunned, speechless and begging for more. Summer 2015 cannot come fast enough so I can get my hands on Torn, the second installment of the Wicked Trilogy. I need more like right now. Wicked is not one to miss out on. You need to go pre-order this one right now.
Utter perfection!

"You are absolutely beautiful, Ivy."

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