Monday, October 13

I Still Haven't Read...

This weeks pick...

The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison:

#1 Dead Witch Walking
#2 The Good, The Bad and The Undead (Haven't Bought Yet)
#3 Every Which Way But Dead (Haven't Bought Yet)
#4 A Fistful of Charms (Haven't Bought Yet)
#5 For A Few Demons More (Haven't Bought Yet)
#6 Where Demons Dare (Haven't Bought Yet)
#7 White Witch, Black Curse (Haven't Bought Yet)
#8 Black Magic Sanction (Haven't Bought Yet)
#9 Pale Demon (Haven't Bought Yet)
#10 A Perfect Blood (Haven't Bought Yet)
#11 Ever After (Haven't Bought Yet)
#12 The Undead Pool (Haven't Bought Yet)
#13 The Witch With No Name (To Be Released)

Have you read this series?


  1. I haven't read them either, though I have the first three

  2. I read the first one and wasn't really that impressed. I thought I would gobble the series up :(


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