Tuesday, September 2

Wrap Up: August 2014

Hey Guys,
As if another month is over already. There will be no vlog this month and this is why...

My August:

So August was a very tough month for me. I planned to read so much this month and I was so excited as I started my new job this month too but life happened and turned my month to hell.

On Friday August 22nd we sadly had to say goodbye to this beautiful little girl...

Honestly my heart is still breaking just looking at that picture. At the beginning of the month she was getting very sick and she had her good days and her bad days but deep down I think I knew we were starting to lose her. I stopped reading completely as all I wanted to do was look after my little girl and even though I didn't know it then, spend every moment I had left with her. I do think I knew but I was just in denial. I couldn't concentrate on anything and then just over a week ago we had to make the heart-shattering decision of whether we would let her go and break our hearts or let her suffer. It wasn't really a choice.

After she passed I couldn't read a word. I haven't done anything for over a week but I have finally just picked up a book again today so I am on my way back to the reading and blogging community and I have this beautiful new ink right near my heart forever. I love you Jess. I will always love you and you may be gone but you will never EVER be forgotten. Love forever...

So on to why you are reading this post. Due to all of this happening I only read 5 books which is not enough for the time that goes into editing a vlog so I will do a August and September vlog at the end of this month.

Books Read in August 2014:

Lux Consequences (Lux #3/4) by Jennifer L Armentrout - 5 Stars *RE-READ*
Opposition (Lux #5) by Jennifer L Armentrout - 5 Stars
Nash (Marked Men #4) by Jay Crownover - 5 Stars
Tested (New World #3) by Janelle Stalder - 5 Stars *BETA READ*
Miles from Kara (Charlston Haven #2) by Melissa West - 5 Stars *BETA READ*

Reviews Posted in August 2014:

Top 3 Books of August 2014:




Thanks for reading...

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