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Audio Review: Rome (Marked Men #3)

Rome (Marked Men #3)
Jay Crownover

Published By: Harper Collins
Publication Date: July 3, 2014
Date Read: July 18, 2014
Genre: NA - Contemporary Romance
Source: Bought
Format: Audio
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From Goodreads:
Cora Lewis is a whole lot of fun, and she knows how to keep her tattooed bad boy friends in line. But all that flash and sass hide the fact that she’s never gotten over the way her first love broke her heart. Now she has a plan to make sure that never happens again: She’s only going to fall in love with someone perfect.

Rome Archer is as far from perfect as a man can be. He’s stubborn and rigid, he’s bossy and has come back from his final tour of duty fundamentally broken. Rome’s used to filling a role: big brother, doting son, super soldier; and now none of these fit anymore. Now he’s just a man trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life while keeping the demons of war and loss at bay. He would have been glad to suffer it alone, until Cora comes sweeping into his life and becomes the only color on his bleak horizon.

Perfect isn’t in the cards for these two, but imperfect might just last forever . . .
"Relationships are not tailor-made and people are flawed. You have to work around that and love the other person anyway."

After devouring the first two books in this series, Rule and Jet, I couldn't wait to dig in to Rome. I had such high expectations of this book, due to how much I adored the first two books of this series. This didn't end up as a problem as I adored every single second of Rome. It was utter perfection and ended up being my favourite of the series to date.

Cora is waiting for love. The only problem? She has this perfect idea of love and a perfect guy... a guy and a love that doesn't exist. Enter Rome, the burly tattooed ex-marine brother of Rule. The complete opposite of what Cora wants. But when sparks fly and Cora and Rome connect neither of them can deny the feelings between them. But can they stay together or will Rome's problems, or Cora's idealistic idea tear them apart?

Rome was without a doubt the best book of the Marked Men Series so far. I loved this one so much and feel like I liked it more due to the different nature of this one. To me this one was much different from the previous two. Once again I was hooked right from the start and couldn't stop reading... or listening until I was done.

Rome is a guy with troubles. He is still being haunted by his memories of war and he doesn't know how to get over them. It is extremely difficult for you not to fall head-over-heels in love with Rome. He is so much the wounded bad-boy. The guy who has been harmed emotionally with his experiences at war. Enter Cora. Now I have to say I already adored Cora before I even started reading this book. She is so no-nonsense and I absolutely adored her already from the previous two novels. She just reinforced the fact that she is the best Marked Men female in this series. She is all kinds of awesome and I just adore her. She is most definitely my favourite heroine of this series.

Rome is without a doubt the best of the series so far. From the heart-stopping and tantalizing romance to the jaw-dropping danger and action. This is my favourite of The Marked Men Series and I cannot wait to start of the next book, Nash. Although Rome is going to be a tough one to beat.

"She's too good to be true, so why would she want to spend the rest of her life with me?"

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