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A Week of Half-Bloods: Spotlight On... The Creatures of The Covenant

Half-Blood, the first book in the phenomenal Covenant series, by Jennifer L Armentrout was originally published in 2011 by the small publisher, Spencer Hill Press, in the USA. Since then millions upon millions of readers across the world have fallen under the spell of Jennifer's words and fallen in love with this amazing series that combines magic, action, suspense and romance.

When I first read Half-Blood, I devoured it on one sitting. I absolutely adored it and I couldn't believe the magic of Jennifer's writing style. I was completely under the spell Jennifer had woven and I have never looked back. It started my obsession and Jennifer still remains today my favourite author of all time and nobody has ever come close to her in my eyes. She is amazing and in my opinion the best author of all time. She is the Queen of Young Adult and nobody can steal the crown from her.

This week, the week commencing August 11th 2014, no sooner than 2 years and 10 months after the first release, Half-Blood is being published here in the UK by the wonderful publisher Hodder and Stroughton/Chapter 5 Books, the home of other publishing sensation Lauren Oliver. To celebrate the UK finally getting the works of this phenomenal author, better late than never right?, I am having a week of Half-Blood. Check out the schedule...

Monday August 11, 2014 - Spotlight on The Creatures of The Covenant
Tuesday August 12, 2014 - Spotlight on the Alexandria Andros
Wednesdat August 13, 2014 - Spotlight on Aiden St Dephi
Thursday August 14, 2014 - Release Day and My Review of Half-Blood
Friday August 15, 2014 - Interview with Jennifer L Armentrout

So here we go... The Creatures of The Covenant

Welcome to The Covenant...

The Covenant is the school that houses the Pure-Bloods and the Half-Bloods, the descendents from the Greek Gods.

Situated on Deity Island it is seen as a very private school by the Mortals.

"Rising up between the endless sea and acres of white beaches, the sprawling sandstone structure we passed was the school where pures and halfs attended classes. With it's thick marble columns and strategically placed statues of the Gods. It was an intimidating and otherworldly place.
Mortals thought the Covenant was an elite private school where none of their children would ever have the privilege of attending. They were right. People had to have something super-special in their blood to make it this far."
- Half-Blood, Book 1 in The Covenant Series

The Hematoi...

The Hematoi, or Pure Bloods, are the direct descendents from the Greek Gods and the Demigods. 

Each of them can weild the power of the four elements, Earth, Fire, Water or Air.

They are super strong and have many other powers.

"Before the original demigods had died along with Hercules and Perseus, they'd shacked up with each other in the way only the Greeks could. These unions had produces the pure-bloods - the Hematoi - a very, very powerful race. They could wield control over the four elements: air, water, fire and earth, and manipulate that raw power into spells and compulsions."
- Half-Blood, Book 1 in The Covenant Series


 Half-Bloods, the offspring of the Hematoi and humans, are as strong as the Pure Bloods and are taught how to fight Daimons in the Covenant.

Half-Bloods can see through the elemental magic Daimons put on and don't have as much Aether in them so are perfect to battle the Daimons.

"Being a half-blood, the product of a pure-blood and ordinary old human - a mongrel by pure standards - I had no control over the elements. My kind was gifted with the same strength and speed the pures had, but we had an extra special gift that set us apart - we could see through the elemental magic the daimons used. The pures couldn't."
- Half-Blood, Book 1 in The Covenant Series


 Daimons, pronounced DE-MONS, are the bad guys of The Covenant series. They are Pure-Bloods turned bad, addicted to Aether and hunt other Pure Bloods to drink the Aether that was in their blood.

"This was one of the things I'd been trained to fight at the covenant. This was a thing that thrived and fed on aether - the essence of the gods, the very life force running through us - a pure-blood who turned his back on the Gods. This was one of the things I was obligated t kill on sight.
A daimon - there was a daimon here."
- Daimon, Prequel Novella of The Covenant Series

Fans Opinions

Kayleigh @ K-Books "Hey... that's me"

"The creatures of The Covenant Series are so interesting and intriguing. They really drew me into this series as although this series has a kick-ass heroine and romance, both things that I love, the heart and soul of this story is the creatures, the Pure Bloods, The Half Bloods and The Daimons. Jennifer wrote and developed each of them so wrong and they really draw you into their world. Make you love and hate them. Make you want to read more."

Maliha Kahn

"The Creatures of The Covenant Series are all intriguing. It's like the divide between the rich and the poor enforced on the Pures and Half-Bloods. The Pures are more valued than the Half-Bloods are and get more privileges in life. Some of them prefer this divide and some of them hate it. Daimons are downright nasty creatures. They're evil and it's the job of the Half-Bloods to hunt and kill them."

Valarie @ Stuck In Books

"This world of Pures, Half's, Gods, and Daimons has become an all time favorite.  Greek mythology has always been a love but JLA's spin on it has always been the best.  As the series moves on and we meet Apollo and other Gods, I was busting up laughing reading about their antics.  Such an entertaining series with some very strong themes on the human culture.  The Covenant series is one of my all time favorite from, hands down, my favorite author."

So there you are... A Spotlight on The Creatures of The Covenant Series.

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  1. I totally agree with you on JLA being the Queen of Young Adult. There are so many amazing YA authors, but I always feel like JLA is her own category of awesomeness. I'm so glad her books are coming to the UK, means they'll be published here soon too!

  2. melanie stirling11 August 2014 at 12:34

    Sounds great! I have never read any of her books but I would love to now.

  3. I love Jennifer's books - I've read first 2 of Lux and White Hot Kiss :)

  4. Love Jen's books and this post was really fun! It's been FAR too long since I've read it. I really need a re-read. P.S I LOVE these covers! UK beats USA by far!

  5. The series is amazing! I hope publishing in the UK gets it more fans

  6. I love this. Looking forward to the rest of the posts! :)


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