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A Week of Half-Blood: Spotlight On... Alexandria Andros

Hey guys and welcome to Day 2 of A Week of Half-Blood.

Yesterday saw us talking about the wonderful creatures of The Covenant Series. If you missed the post CLICK HERE to see it.

Today we will be talking about the very kick-ass, very awesome heroine of The Covenant Series, Alex.

Spotlight on Alexandria Andros...

Here's some information on our favourite heroine, Alexandria Andros.

- She is beautiful
Long, thick chestnut colored hair fell past a chest that had grown in the last three years. Her face was oval shape; lips full like a pure-blood’s. Cheekbones high and eyebrows delicately arched over two wide, brown eyes. Even with the faint purplish bruises marring an otherwise flawless complexion, she was… unbelievable. Beautiful"
- Half-Blood, Book 1 in The Covenant Series. Exclusive Aiden POV

- She is willing to risk her own life for others.

"Sickened, I pushed down my own pain and fear. ‘Mom… please let Caleb go. Please. I’ll do anything.’ And I meant it. There was no way I was going to let Caleb die in this godforsaken place."
- Half-Blood, Book 1 in The Covenant Series

- Alex is hilarious.

"Did you think he was just some lazy pure-blood who needed protection?” His voice dripped sarcasm. “Well he looks like it! How was I supposed to know he was secretly Rambo in Dockers?"
- Half-Blood, Book 1 in The Covenant Series.

- Alex speaks her mind no matter what.

"There was a very good chance I might hit him, but with my fist instead of an apple. I jerked my arm free. ‘Yeah, I’m that damn special."
- Pure, Book 2 in The Covenant Series

- She is totally kick-ass!

"Aiden glanced over his shoulder at me. ‘How many daimons have you killed?’ ‘Just two.’ I picked up my pace so I could keep up with his long legged ones. ‘Just two?’ Awe filled his voice. ‘Do you realize how amazing it is for a half-blood not fully trained to kill one daimon, let alone two?'"
- Half-Blood, Book 1 in The Covenant Series

Favourite Alex Quotes...

Fan's Opinions...

Kayleigh @ K-Books... Hey, that's me!

One thing that completely drew me to the Covenant series. This wonderful, snarky, kick-ass heroine who wasnt afraid to stand up for what she believed. Who would do anything to protect those that she loved. She is pure awesomeness and still remains to be my favourite heroine in YA fiction to date.

Valarie @ Stuck In Books

Half-Blood was the first book I read by Jennifer L Armentrout.  I loved it immediately and her characters were the reason why.  Alex is totally bada$$ and incredibly funny.  It was such a relief to have a female lead that could hold her own and be snarky at the same time.

Maliha Kahn

Alex is a strong heroine with a keen sense of loyalty and confidence. She's brave in fights and unafraid of going after what she wants. Despite facing loss at a young age, she doesn't waver when it comes to moving on and happiness. Over and over, she's forced to handle pain and she copes well, with the help of her trainer Aiden and slew of quirky friends. She gets into trouble a lot but takes the consequences in stride.

So that's our heroine Alex.

Join us tomorrow to learn all about the dreamy Pure-Blood Aiden St Delphi

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