Friday, August 15

A Week of Half-Blood: A Mini-Interview with Jennifer L Armentrout

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of A Week of Half-Blood.
Yesterday saw my reviews of the wonderful prequel, Daimon, and first book in the series, Half-Blood.

Today I have an exclusive mini-interview with the woman herself Jennifer L Armentrout talking about her international success.

 Please welcome the absolutely amazing Jennifer L Armentrout.

First of all lets talk about how internationally successful you have been. How does it feel to have books out in multiple countries?  

It’s exciting to know that my books are reaching readers all over the world.  I’m thrilled that my books are available in so many countries.

How do you feel about finally having your books on shelves in the UK?

I am so excited to finally see this. These were actually my first books published, so it's amazing to know they're going to be on UK shelves and will reach the hands of many new readers

My dream come true would be to finally meet you in person. Any plans for an international trip anytime soon?  

I don’t have any international events scheduled yet, but I would love to have the opportunity to travel internationally and meet all of my readers that have been so supportive.  

Thank you to Jen, Hodder, all the bloggers and readers who helped out over this week to make A Week of Half-Blood a success and a massive thanks to Hodder for publishing the books in the UK with such gorgeous covers.
Now to announce the winners of the giveaway and because I loved this so much I have actually included an extra copy of Half-Blood UK Edition so there are 3 winners!

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