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Early Review: Swimming to Tokyo

Swimming to Tokyo
Brenda St. John Brown

Published By: Spencer Hill Contemporary
Publication Date: July 28, 2014
Date Read: July 9, 2014
Genre: NA - Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC from Spencer Hill Contemporary
Format: eARC
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From Goodreads:
The rules for swimming are simple:

Rule #1: There is no lifeguard on duty.

Since her mom died three years ago, nineteen-year-old Zosia Easton’s been treading water. Living at home. Community college. Same old Saturday nights. So when her father breaks the news he’s taken a job transfer—and by the way, it means renting out the house that’s been her refuge—a summer in Tokyo feels like it just might be a chance to start swimming again.

Rule #2: Beware of unexpected currents.

Finn O’Leary has spent God knows how many years trying to drown out his past. Juvenile detention. Bad decisions. Worse choices. He’s managed to turn it around – MIT, Dean’s List, a sexier-than-thou body with a smile to match – at least on the surface. When his mom asks him to spend the summer with her, Tokyo seems as good a place as any to float through the summer.

Rule #3: Swim at your own risk.

"Honesty's easy. It's trust that's hard."

Holy crap!
Swimming to Tokyo may just be the best NA Contemporary I have ever read in my life. I am already a huge fan of NA Contemporary but I so find some of them so similar that you can completely guess what has happened in the characters past and what is going to happen in the end. Swimming to Tokyo completely and utterly dashed all of my perceptions and blew me away. It is utterly phenomenal!

Zosia is still getting over the death of her mother form 3 years ago. She thinks about her every day. She misses her every day. When her Dad reveals that his job is moving him to Tokyo and she will be spending the summer there before she heads of to University Zosia is devastated. She isn't so sure that she is ready to say goodbye to her house... the house with all of her memories of her mother. When she arrives in Tokyo she runs into Finn. The boy from her school that she had a major crush on. The one boy who is untouchable. As their friendship develops and sparks fly Zosia and Finn have to face their pasts... and face the fact that after the summer they will both be leaving. Can they face their pasts and come out on top or with saying goodbye to Tokyo mean saying goodbye to the one beautiful thing that has happened to them both.

Brenda St John Brown is fast becoming an auto-buy author for me. I know I know this is her debut but I was lucky enough to beta another book that she is working on and it was awesome so this is the second Brena St John Brown that I have read... and it is phenomenal! Brenda's writing style is just so incredible. It really sucks you in from the first paragraph and won't let you go until you have devoured the whole book in one sitting. This is what happened to me! I demolished Swimming to Tokyo in one sitting and I was slightly devastated when I had no more to read. Yeah... I loved it that much!

Swimming to Tokyo is one of the best NA Contemporary novels I have ever read. I think I adore this book so much because it is so different and unique to other books in the genre. I loved that there is no major drama in the girls past. I mean of course it's horrible that her Mom died but in a lot of NA Contemps the girl has always been abused or something like that which is dramatic and damaging. Zosia hasn't had this happen to her and I loved that. A lot of the horrible stuff going on is in the guy's past and I found this so refreshing and awesome. That instead of the guy having to help the girl through her traumatic past the roles were reversed. Add that to the fact that it is set in Tokyo, Japan. I loved it! So many of these books are set in the college somewhere in the US so to have this awesome summer in an exotic place it made me love it even more.

Swimming to Tokyo is the best NA book I have ever read. I loved every moment of it and I can't recommend this enough. If you are a fan of NA Contemporary books then this book is a must-read... if you don't really like NA Contemporary books then this book is still a must-read as it's so unique and different from others. I loved everything about this book. The culture of the setting, the storyline, the emotion, the characters... everything about it is absolutely phenomenal. If there is ONE book that you read this summer make sure that it is this one.

"I don't have relationships and I sure as hell don't fall in love.
But I'm falling for you."



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