Sunday, June 29

My Personal 2 Week Challenge

Hey Guys,
So if you follow me on twitter then you will have probably heard me go on about my upcoming travels to London for the first ever UK YA Book Convention (YALC).
Well in preparation for the event, and inspired by the YALCReadathon that happened last week (and ends today) I have decided that from now until the event Saturday July 12th I am going to read as many books by authors who are going to the event.

So which books am I going to be reading?

I'm pretty certain that I will not get through all of them but I want to get through as many as I possibly can.

Which should I read first? Vote HERE!

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  1. That would be pretty awesome if you can get through those books! Unfortunately I knew too late about YALC so fingers crossed there will be another one next year :) Have fun doing this challenge and attending the TALC.


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