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I Still Haven't Read...

This weeks pick...

The Coincidence Series by Jessica Sorensen:

#1 The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden
#2 The Redemption of Callie and Kayden (Haven't Got Yet)
#3 The Destiny of Violet and Luke (Haven't Got Yet)
#4 The Probability of Violet and Luke (To Be Released)
#5 The Resolution of Callie and Kayden (To Be Released)
#6 The Certainty of Violet and Luke (To Be Released)
#7 Seth and Greyson (To Be Released)

Have you read this series?


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My Personal 2 Week Challenge

Hey Guys,
So if you follow me on twitter then you will have probably heard me go on about my upcoming travels to London for the first ever UK YA Book Convention (YALC).
Well in preparation for the event, and inspired by the YALCReadathon that happened last week (and ends today) I have decided that from now until the event Saturday July 12th I am going to read as many books by authors who are going to the event.

So which books am I going to be reading?

I'm pretty certain that I will not get through all of them but I want to get through as many as I possibly can.

Which should I read first? Vote HERE!

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Saturday, June 28

Audio Review: Rule (Marked Men #1)

Rule (Marked Men #1)
Jay Crownover

Published By: Harper Collins
Publication Date: July 3, 2014
Date Read: June 20, 2014
Genre: NA - Contemporary Romance
Source: Bought
Format: Audio
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
Opposites in every way . . . except the one that matters

Shaw Landon loved Rule Archer from the moment she laid eyes on him. Rule is everything a straight--A pre-med student like Shaw shouldn’t want--and the only person she’s never tried to please. She isn’t afraid of his scary piercings and tattoos or his wild attitude. Though she knows that Rule is wrong for her, her heart just won’t listen.

To a rebel like Rule Archer, Shaw Landon is a stuck-up, perfect princess-and his dead twin brother’s girl. She lives by other people’s rules; he makes his own. He doesn’t have time for a good girl like Shaw-even if she’s the only one who can see the person he truly is.

But a short skirt, too many birthday cocktails, and spilled secrets lead to a night neither can forget. Now, Shaw and Rule have to figure out how a girl like her and a guy like him are supposed to be together without destroying their love . . . or each other.

"Here’s my heart Shaw. You have it in your hands and I promise you’re the first and last person to ever touch it."

I have seen this book, and series, around online so much and always had them on my radar but never bought them or read them. Then I saw that they were coming out in the UK with the new gorgeous covers (look at that cover isn't it stunning?) and I just couldn't resist. Having the audible credits that I have I decided to try the audio edition and I am so glad that I did. Rule is the first book in the Marked Men series and it was so freaking good. I couldn't stop listening.

Shaw Landon has been in love with Rule Archer for forever. The problem Rule is a bad boy. He has a different girl on his arm every week. Add that to the fact that he thinks something was going on between him and his deceased twin brother. Basically that means off limits. But after one hot and steamy night there is no going back. Shaw has fallen even more in love with him. When Rule can't get Shaw out of his head he knows he has to try to make this work with the one girl that has ever made him feel anything. But can they make it work? Or will the sparks die out?

Rule was one of the best NA contemporary novels I have ever read. Jay Crownover is such a fantastic storyteller. I adored her writing style. It really hooks you in. She creates these phenomenal characters they you just instantly love and don't want to stop reading as you just have to keep going to find out what will happen to these amazing characters. What I loved even more is that Shaw doesn't have the big traumatic past. Some traumatic things happen but her past? There was no rape or beatings or anything like that and I loved that! It was so refreshing from the other NA books in the same genre.

The audio edition of this book has two narrators. One male and one female respectively for Rule and Shaw. I loved the narrators. They really brought life to the characters and I feel like this really did a fantastic job. The made the audiobook so enjoyable and made me not want to stop listening. It tends to take me quite a while to listen to a whole audiobook due to time restrictions on my part but I kept finding reasons to have my iPod on longer and longer as I just had to finish the audiobook as fast as I could.

Rule is pretty much the most amazing male protagonist ever. He is a bad boy and a sweetie pie all rolled into one. I just loved him and when the drama aspect of the book hit he shows his super smexy protective behaviour. I adored him.
Shaw is a super awesome, super kick-ass girl who is emotionally strong and has this beautiful inner strength and beauty that makes her so relatable for readers. I loved reading about her and am a little bit sad that her book is over. I want more Shaw!

Rule is not just your typical NA contemporary. It is so much more. It has everything that you want in a NA Contemp, romance and angst. Smexy boys and super hot scenes. But it also has more... it has action, terror and suspense. I loved that! I loved that it was more suspenseful and there was more to the story that just the romance. That is what made me adore this book and that is what makes Rule one of my all time favourite NA contemps! I loved every moment of it and I cannot wait to start on the next book in the Marked Men series, Jet.

"It’s always been you even when I didn’t want it to be, even when it broke my heart over and over again. It’s just always been you."

Friday, June 27

Audio Review: The One (The Selection #3)

The One (The Selection #3)
Kiera Cass

Published By: Harper Collins Childrens
Publication Date: May 6, 2014
Date Read: June 15, 2014
Genre: YA - Dystopia
Source: Bought
Format: Audio
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:

The highly anticipated conclusion to Kiera Cass's #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series, The One will captivate readers who love dystopian YA fiction and fairy tales. The One is the perfect finale for fans who have followed America's whirlwind romance since it began--and a swoon-worthy read for teens who have devoured Veronica Roth's Divergent, Ally Condie's Matched, or Lauren Oliver's Delirium.

The Selection changed America Singer's life in ways she never could have imagined. Since she entered the competition to become the next princess of Illéa, America has struggled with her feelings for her first love, Aspen--and her growing attraction to Prince Maxon. Now she's made her choice . . . and she's prepared to fight for the future she wants.

Find out who America will choose in The One, the enchanting, beautifully romantic third book in the Selection series!
“You made me proud, America. Sometimes I’m surprised at the things you say, but I don’t know why. You were always stronger than you knew.”

Having absolutely adored and devoured the first 2 books in The Selection series I was on tenter hooks waiting to get my hands on this book. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen, who she would choose and how the series was going to end. I would just like to take a moment to thank Harper Collins Childerens for sending my a paperback copy of this book for review. As you can tell from the title I actually ended up listening to the audio edition of this book. This was due to me having an unexpected 6 hour bus trip and I needed something to listen to as I cannot read on a bus (it makes me sick) so I decided even though I had this for review I would buy the audio so I could listen to it on my trip.

America Singer's life has changed in ways nobody could have expected. Torn away from her family and her boyfriend Aspen to be entered into The Selection. A competition to win the heart and hand in marriage of Prince Aspen she didn't want any of it. She definitely didn't expect to fall in love. Now she is down to the final 4 and she wants more than ever to win the heart of the prince and marry the person she truly loves. But things are brewing. The Rebels are getting fiestier and America finds herself once again in deep trouble. Now it may not be a case of if Prince Maxon chooses her... but if she survives long enough to find out.

The One was a beautiful and heart-stopping finale to The Selection series. It met all of my super high expectations and more. I loved every single moment of it and Kiera Cass did a phenomenal job once again. Her writing was phenomenal and hooked me in right at the start and I just didn't want to stop listening to this book. It was so freaking good and even though it was one heck of an emotional ride it was so worth it. It was phenomenal!

The narrator of The One did such a fantastic job. Whenever I start a new audiobook I am always a bit worried that I'm going to hate it due to the narrator. A narrator can make or break an audiobook and I was pleased to discover this one made it. She gave life to America and Maxon and all the other characters. She brought all the characters to life brilliantly and I adored her narration so much. She did a fantastic job!

The storyline was phenomenal and the book was filled to the brim of surprises. One of the characters that I had previously despised I ended up liking so much and really cared what happened to her. Fans of the series can probably guess who I am talking about.

The One was phenomenal. It as everything you could possibly want in a book. Romance and swooning. Action and danger. I was completely hooked and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen. It brought me to tears many times. It tore at the heartstrings and punctured a hole in my heart and then stitched my heart back up. The One was the perfect ending to the series and was perfect for all of the characters. I just adored every moment of it. If you haven't read this series yet I would highly recommend it. It's fantastic!

“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.” 

Wednesday, June 25

Blog Tour: Rain (Paper Gods #2)

Rain (Paper Gods #2)
Amanda Sun

Published By: Harlequin TEEN
Publication Date: June 24, 2014
Date Read: June 24, 2014
Genre: YA - Paranormal
Source: ARC from Harlequin Teen
Format: E-Book
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
American Katie Green has decided to stay in Japan. She's started to build a life in the city of Shizuoka, and she can't imagine leaving behind her friends, her aunt and especially Tomohiro, the guy she's fallen in love with. But her return is not as simple as she thought. She's flunking out of Japanese school and committing cultural faux pas wherever she goes. Tomohiro is also struggling—as a Kami, his connection to the ancient gods of Japan and his power to bring drawings to life have begun to spiral out of control.

When Tomo decides to stop drawing, the ink finds other ways to seep into his life—blackouts, threatening messages and the appearance of unexplained sketches. Unsure how to help Tomo, Katie turns to an unexpected source for help—Jun, her former friend and a Kami with an agenda of his own. But is Jun really the ally he claims to be? In order to save themselves, Katie and Tomohiro must unravel the truth about Tomo's dark ancestry, as well as Katie's, and confront one of the darkest gods in Japanese legend.

"If you're going to violate me, I'd appreciate if you wait till I'm naked."

Oh My Gods... This book is absolutely phenomenal!
I have been dying to get my hands on Rain, the second book in the Paper Gods series, by Amanda Sun since the moment that I finished Ink. I remember back before Ink was released and I was offered an ARC of it and I turned it down thinking it wasn't really my thing. Then after reading glowing reviews of it from friends and other bloggers picked it up after the release... and then kicking myself for not accepting and reading it sooner. It was just so unique and different and good. After finishing I just needed Rain so bad. To find out what would happen to my favourite characters and so I could vicariously visit Japan again. Rain was everything that I wanted and more. It surpassed all of my, already super high, expectations and just utterly blew me away.

Katie has decided to stay in Japan and help Tomohiro fight against the Ink. But as Tomo starts to lose control more and more Katie discovers that her staying just might be making it worse. Discovering a shocking secret about herself that changes everything, trying to help Tomo and trying to stay away from the awful gang who want Tomohiro's power things just got a whole lot more complicated for Katie. She cares about Tomo and he her, but can they fight through the ink to be together or is the ink destined to tear them apart?

Rain was utterly phenomenal. Once again Amanda Sun took my breathe away, not only with her phenomenal magical story, but with the magic of writing about Japan. It really makes me feel like I am there and like I really want to go visit this beautiful place. Amanda's writing is so phenomenal and once again it reminds me of how shocked I was that Ink was her debut because she really is that good. She has a talent and skill that makes you think she has been writing for years and years. She really sucks you in at the start of the book and never once lets your attention go until you have demolished the whole book in one sitting. I adore her writing and story-telling and Amanda Sun is fast becoming a favourite and auto-buy author for me. I don't need to know anything about the book if Amanda Sun's name is on it I am reading it.

Once again I fell in love with the characters of this series. Katie is an amazing protagonist and I adore her. She really goes through a journey of self-discovery in this one and you really experience every shock, surprise and emotion along with her on the journey. Tomohiro... I just love him. He is sweet, romantic and protective. Everything you could possibly want in a book boyfriend. I loved him.
One character surprise I had while reading Rain was I really started to dislike... and then hate... a character I really didn't think I would dislike. Tomo's best friend Shoiri... well she turned out to be an utter bitch in this book and I just wanted to dive in the book and slap her. I really hope that she is in book 3 as little as possible or that she redeems herself in some way.

Rain was the perfect follow up to Ink. Gladly it didn't suffer from "middle-book syndrome". It was in no way a stepping-stone or a unsatisfying build up to the third book. It was amazing. It was packed full of drama, romance, action and intrigue. I couldn't put the book down and when I found myself having to do something else all I was thinking of is when I could pick the book back up and read more. It was excellent and everything that I love in a book. If you haven't read this series yet I highly suggest that you pick this one up. It really is a gem. A unique, and different book that will not only take your breath away with the story but will take you on the trip of a lifetime to Japan.
Utterly phenomenal!

"I love Katie. And if that means I have to suffer to keep her safe then that's what I'll do. If it means I have to stand aside so someone else can take care of her because I can't... I will stand aside. That's what love is."

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Sorry UK/International folks but I'll have some Intenational and UK only giveaways coming in the next 2 months!

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Waiting on Wednesday

This week's pick...

Memory Keepers
Natasha Ngan

Publisher: Hot Key Books
To Be Released: September 4, 2014
Genre: YA - Sci-Fi
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
"No one can take your memories from you... can they?"

Seven is a thief with a difference - he steals downloadable memories from banks and memoriums to sell onto London's black market, trading secrets and hidden pasts for a chance at a future of his own. He makes sure he keeps some special stuff back to 'surf' himself though - it's the only real form of entertainment he can afford. But one night, as Seven is breaking into a private memorium in a wealthy part of London, he is caught in the act by one of its residents; Alba, the teenage daughter of London's most famous criminal prosecutor. Instead of giving him away, Alba promises to keep Seven's secret - as long as he allows her to go memory-surfing herself. In doing so, they discover a hidden memory about Seven's past, revealing a shocking secret about Seven's childhood, the government and a mysterious experiment known as The Memory Keepers...

Now Seven and Alba will have to race against time to unlock the maze of The Memory Keepers - but can they keep themselves out of harm's way before the London Guard - and Alba's father - catches up with them?

Anoteher UKYA book that I can't wait to get my hands on. This book sounds so freaking awesome. It's no surprise to anyone how much I love Sci-Fi and Dystopia books and this is one that I seriously need to get my hands on right now. I can't wait to read it and that cover is so freaking cool!

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I Still Haven't Read...

This weeks pick...

Sneaking Candy by Lisa Burstein

Have you read this book?


Sunday, June 22

Non-Review: Red Rising (Red Rising Trilogy #1)

Red Rising (Red Rising Trilogy #1)
Pierce Brown

Published By: Hodder and Stroughton
Publication Date: January 28, 2014
Date Read: May 22, 2014
Genre: YA - Dystopia
Source: Review Copy from Hodder and Stroughton
Format: Hardback
Pages: 382
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
The war begins...

Darrow is a Helldiver, one of a thousand men and women who live in the vast caves beneath the surface of Mars. Generations of Helldivers have spent their lives toiling to mine the precious elements that will allow the planet to be terraformed. Just knowing that one day people will be able to walk the surface of the planet is enough to justify their sacrifice. The Earth is dying, and Darrow and his people are the only hope humanity has left.

Until the day Darrow learns that it is all a lie. Mars is habitable - and indeed has been inhabited for generations by a class of people calling themselves the Golds. The Golds regard Darrow and his fellows as slave labour, to be exploited and worked to death without a second thought.

With the help of a mysterious group of rebels, Darrow disguises himself as a Gold and infiltrates their command school, intent on taking down his oppressors from the inside.

But the command school is a battlefield. And Darrow isn't the only student with an agenda...

Being a huge fan of YA dystopia novels when I heard about this one I was really looking forward to it. When I got this book for review from the publisher I was really excited to get started on it. Unfortunately Red Rising did not live up to my expectations.

I thought Red Rising sounded like a new, unique and original concept for a YA Dystopia, a genre in which there are hundreds of thousands novels circulating at the moment. I was really looking forward to it and was expecting to be drew in and taken on a journey. Unfortunately this didn't happen. I found Red Rising very slow and boring. I didn't connect with the characters well and found myself not really caring what happened to them. While reading all I really wanted was to be reading another book. One I was interested in as this one was just not holding my attention whatsoever. I found that while reading my mind was wandering and thinking of other things so I realised I'd just read 5 pages and didn't have a clue what had actually happened and I didn't care enough to go back and find out.

Overally Red Rising was a disappointement for me. It had potential to be great but it was so slow paced in the beginning that I just ended up giving up. Definitely not for me.

Friday, June 20

Review: The Killables (The Killables #1)

The Killables (The Killables #1)
Gemma Malley

Published By: Hodder and Stroughton
Publication Date: March 29, 2012
Date Read: June 9, 2014
Genre: YA - Dystopia
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages: 372
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
Everyone accepted that people were different physically. But inside? Inside, they were different too. You just had to know how to tell, what to look for. Evil has been eradicated. The City has been established. And citizens may only enter after having the 'evil' part of their brain removed. They are labelled on the System according to how 'good' they are. If they show signs of the evil emerging, they are labelled a K ...But no one knows quite what that means. Only that they disappear, never to be seen again...

It's no surprise to anyone how much I adore dystopia novels. It's one of my favourite genres and I have read and loved every single dystopia book I have read. I have heard so much about Gemma Malley before and have heard her dystopia novels are amazing. This is the first book by Gemma Malley I have read and I was really impressed with her writing and ideas.

Evil has been eradicated. The part of the brain that has to do with emotion and aggression, the amygdala, has been removed and when living in The City everything is perfect. But Evie feels things. Does that mean she is evil? All she wants is to be good. Good enough for her family. Good enough for her city but the more she tries to be good the more she starts to dream and feel. She and Raffy know that they are 'evil' from the cities standards but when Raffy gets labelled a K she knows that she needs to get him out of the city before something horrible happens. Escaping with him she is forced into a world that she always thought was dangerous. But is the real danger outside of The City or in it?

I really enjoyed The Killables. As a Psychology graduate I loved the part that included the amygdala and the parts of the brain to do with emotion. It eased my inner psych geek. I loved that it had a scientific basis of it. I also loved Gemma's writing style. It was an amazing world and Gemma really sucks you in right from the start and then doesn't let you go until you are finished. This book reminded me of Delirium at the start with the whole 'emotion is evil' part but it soon became a lot more original and I found the book really difficult to put down.

I really loved Evie's character. The Killables is really the story of Evie's self discovery. Of discovering what is evil. Of her discovering teh difference between what she has always been taught and what she is now learning to be true. I loved her and identified with her and I am looking forward to book 2 to find out more about her.

Raffy was the guy that I was convinced would be the love interest... and he is. I liked Raffy he was sweet and all but the more I read the more he really annoyed me. This was such a change for me as if any character annoys me it is usually the main girl. In this one it was Raffy. He was stroppy and always quite mean and cold to Evie that I found myself liking his brother, the one left behind more and more. I am very much looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the next books in the series.

The Killables was a great start to a series. It was a fantastic fast-paced, action-packed dystopia novel and I am really looking forward to reading more. It has aspects of other dystopia novels in there (Delirium and Uninvited) but I really enjoyed every moment of it. A definite must-read.

"Imagination shows an ability to lie, to pretend the world is different than it is."