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Hey Guys,
So this has been a post that I have been meaning to write for quite a while. After seeing all the Project UKYA stuff going on I started to think quite a bit about the YA books that I read and love and I realised that the majority of them are actually from US or other International authors and there are actually very few that I have read or bought from UK authors.

This has made me look more into books from UK authors and start to get more of them. What I did realise is that I have quite a few books that are from UK authors I just never realised it. Saying that I still haven't read the majority of them so this year I really want to read more UKYA books.

What is a UKYA Book?

Basically a UKYA book is ANY book wrote by an author who is either originally born/raised in the UK or currently residing in the UK.

My #UKYA Books:




Currently Reading a UKYA Book:

I am currently reading The Falconer, by UKYA author Elizabeth May. If you haven't got this book already you definitely need to go out and get it. It's amazing!

Project UKYA:

So I have mentioned it before and I will mention it again. Project UKYA is absolutely amazing. Lucy is so dedicated to spreading the word about UKYA books and she is doing an incredible month long extravaganza. This incredibly awesome extravaganza includes a UKYA Readathon. The #ReadUKYA will run from Thursday April 17th to Sunday April 20th.
You can find more info out by clicking here.

As the #ReadUKYA is running for 4 days I am going to tackle 4 books (one per day)
I used a random generator to select ten of my To-Read UKYA books and I am running a poll from now until Wednesday April 16th. The 4 books with the highest votes will be the ones I tackle for the Readathon.

Which UKYA Book should I read? free polls 

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