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Non-Review: Sun Catcher (Sun Catcher Trilogy #1)

Sun Catcher (Sun Catcher Trilogy #1)
Sheila Rance

Published By: Orion Childrens
Publication Date: March 6, 2014
Date Read: DNF
Genre: YA - Fantasy
Source: ARC from Orion Childrens
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
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From Goodreads:
On her 13th birthday Maia, who has been brought up by Tareth, the weaver and warrior who she has always believed is her father, falls into an adventure that will take her on a perilous journey to a kingdom poisoned by bitterness and jealousies. A kingdom that she must save. Tareth is no ordinary weaver - the silk he weaves sings of destiny and danger, of Maia's future. Because she is no ordinary girl either. She has always been the flame-headed outsider among the Cliff Dwellers, but she doesn't want to listen to the song of the silk, or to the terrifying words of the village Watcher. Guarding her secret, denying her future, Maia steps into places she has never explored where she'll encounter mercenaries, spies, friends and enemies. And where she will face her destiny as a Sun Catcher.

Exotically located in the Far East in an age when trading and communities were gaining more exposure to a wider world than ever before, this debut novel is beautifully, richly written, thoroughly researched and a pleasure to read

I hadn't heard anything about this book when it came through my door for review from the publisher. After reading more about it I was pretty excited about it. A new fantasy novel with a unique sounding storyline and dubbed as "Game of Thrones for younger readers" I couldn't wait to get started. I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and loved both the books and the TV show. I have to say that for me this is no Game of Thrones. I DNF'd it at page 57.

Sun Catcher had the potential to be fantastic. The premise for the story was really strong and I was looking forward to it. The execution is where this book fell flat for me. I didn't find the characters interesting. Not a single one. The more I read the more I realised that I didn't care for any of them and really had no interest in finding out what happened to them as I just didn't really care. I found myself bored to tears with this book and just trying to read as fast as I could so I could read something else and that is never good.

I really felt like the storyline needed to start sooner. It took so long to get to the point of the book and I just didn't enjoy it. I was so bored and so decided that if I wasn't enjoying it now the chance of me enjoying the rest was slim. I have had this feeling before, where I wasn't enjoying the book and forced myself to continue and ended up hating the book so much. I decided not to let this happen this time and put the book down and go on to another one.

This book definitely has the potential to be great but it just takes too long to get there for me. If you're a fan of fantasy books and don't mind the very slow beginnings then give this one a go. For me there was just something missing.

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