Monday, February 3

I Still Haven't Read...

Hey guys,
Can you believe it's February already? That's nuts.
Anyway I am going to go back to some ebooks this month that have been sat on my kindle for a while. I am also keeping with the "Series I Have Started but not finished" theme I had going last month.

This week's pick...

Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy by Michelle Zink:

#1 Prophecy of the Sisters Already Read
#2 Guardian of the Gate
#3 Circle of Fire Haven't Got Yet

I read Prophecy of the Sisters what feels like forever ago (according to Goodreads September 2010). I remember that I absolutely adored it yet I still haven't read the second and third of the series. I remember it being such a new and unique book. I seriously need to read the rest of this trilogy soon.

Have you read this series?


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