Monday, January 6

I Still Haven't Read...

Hey Guys,
Welcome to the first 'I Still Haven't Read...' of 2014. So this month I'm gonna do something a little bit different. Rather than featuring a new series I haven't started I'm going to feature series that I have started but haven't finished so the 'I Still Haven't Read' will be books further on in the series.

First of all my 2013 Progress:

From all of the 2013 I Still Haven't Read books I featured I have now read... 2
That shameful isn't it? I'm so behind on books it's actually unreal.
Anyway the two I have finally read are...
(click on the cover for my review)

And now this week's pick...

Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver:

#0.5 Annabel
#1 Delirium (Already Read)
#1.5 Hana (Already Read)
#2 Pandemonium
#2.5 Raven
#3 Requiem
#3.5 Alex (Haven't Got Yet)

I read and loved Delirium a few year back, before any of the novellas were published and before Pandemonium was released. I own the whole series but I just haven't got around to reading the rest of the series. I am hoping to re-read Delirium before I read the others because it's been so long since I read it. 
Have you read this series?



  1. so far ive only read the first book, i dont own any of them so il have to get the kindle versions. i want to finish the series but i dont know when il get round to reading it lol

  2. I really liked the Delirium series, although I wasn't thrilled with the final book. But you have to get to Splintered, woman! That book is so good!

  3. I have read splintered. That was one of the books I previously featured and have since finished,

  4. Ah, I see. Did you review it and I missed it???


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