Wednesday, January 29

Waiting on Wednesday

This week's pick...

Love Letter to the Dead
Ava Dellaira

Published By: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Publication Date: April 1, 2014
Genre: YA - Realistic Fiction
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
It begins as an assignment for English class: Write a letter to a dead person. Laurel chooses Kurt Cobain because her sister, May, loved him. And he died young, just like May did. Soon, Laurel has a notebook full of letters to people like Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Amelia Earhart, Heath Ledger, and more; though she never gives a single one of them to her teacher. She writes about starting high school, navigating new friendships, falling in love for the first time, learning to live with her splintering family. And, finally, about the abuse she suffered while May was supposed to be looking out for her. Only then, once Laurel has written down the truth about what happened to herself, can she truly begin to accept what happened to May. And only when Laurel has begun to see her sister as the person she was; lovely and amazing and deeply flawed; can she begin to discover her own path

First off I would want to read this just based off the cover. It's so pretty. I think this book sounds so unique and unlike anything I've heard of before and it sounds so emotional. I seriously can't wait to get my hands on this book. It's gonna be awesome.

Monday, January 27

I Still Haven't Read...

This week's pick...

Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine:

#1 Glass Houses (Already Read)
#2 Dead Girls Dance (Already Read)
#3 Midnight Alley (Already Read)
#4 Feast of Fools (Already Read)
#5 Lord of Misrule (Already Read)
#6 Carpe Corpus (Already Read)
#7 Fade Out (Already Read)
#8 Kiss of Death (Already Read)
#9 Ghost Town (Already Read)
#10 Bite Club (Already Read)
#11 Last Breath (Already Read)
#12 Black Dawn
#13 Bitter Blood
#14 Fall of Night
#15 Daylighters (Haven't Got Yet)

As I said last week it has been a long time since I read a vampire book because I feel like they have been overdone. Morganville Vampires is without a doubt my fave vampire series of all time. It's so awesome and I love Rachel Caine. I was so lucky to meet her last year on her UK tour and she was the first ever author I met. And she's one of my favourites. She doesn't romanticise her vampires. They are evil blood-sucking creatures just as they should be. One thing I love about this series is that no matter how many of the books you read it doesn't feel dragged out. They are all necessary to the story and I am dying to read those final four of the series and find out how it all ends.

Have you read this series?


Wednesday, January 22

Waiting on Wednesday

This week's pick...

The Warrior (Dante Walker #3)
Victoria Scott

Published By: Entangled Teen
Publication Date: May 6, 2014
Genre: YA - Paranormal Romance
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
War between heaven and hell is coming, but Dante Walker makes it look damn good.

Dante’s girlfriend, Charlie, is fated to save the world. And Aspen, the girl who feels like a sister, is an ordained soldier. In order to help both fulfill their destiny and win the war, Dante must complete liberator training at the Hive, rescue Aspen from hell, and uncover a message hidden on an ancient scroll.

Dante is built for battle, but even he can’t handle the nightmares where spiders crawl from Aspen’s eyes, or the look on Charlie’s face that foretells of devastation. To make matters worse, the enemy seizes every opportunity to break inside the Hive and cripple the liberators. But the day of reckoning is fast approaching, and to stand victorious, Dante will have to embrace something inside himself he never has before—faith.

Victoria Scott's stunning Dante Walker series is coming to a close this year. I absolutely adored the previous two installments of the series. It's completely action-packed and full of romance, everything I love in a book and I am dying to get my hands on this one and see how it all ends.

Tuesday, January 21

Early Review: White Hot Kiss (Dark Elements #1)

White Hot Kiss (Dark Elements #1)
Jennifer L Armentrout

Published By: Harlequin TEEN
Publication Date: February 25, 2014
Date Read: December 27, 2013
Genre: YA - Paranormal Romance
Source: eARC from Harlequin TEEN
Format: E-Book
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
One kiss could be the last.

Seventeen-year-old Layla just wants to be normal. But with a kiss that kills anything with a soul, she's anything but normal. Half demon, half gargoyle, Layla has abilities no one else possesses.

Raised among the Wardens—a race of gargoyles tasked with hunting demons and keeping humanity safe—Layla tries to fit in, but that means hiding her own dark side from those she loves the most. Especially Zayne, the swoon-worthy, incredibly gorgeous and completely off-limits Warden she's crushed on since forever.

Then she meets Roth—a tattooed, sinfully hot demon who claims to know all her secrets. Layla knows she should stay away, but she's not sure she wants to—especially when that whole no-kissing thing isn't an issue, considering Roth has no soul.

But when Layla discovers she's the reason for the violent demon uprising, trusting Roth could not only ruin her chances with Zayne…it could brand her a traitor to her family. Worse yet, it could become a one-way ticket to the end of the world.
"I'd look sexy in just about anything. Modesty belongs to losers. Something I am not."

Holy Freaking Gargoyles!
There are no words for how freaking phenomenal this book is! Jennifer L Armentrout fast became my favourite author of all time with her Lux and Covenant series in 2011 and just when I thought her books couldn't get any better... THIS HAPPENED! White Hot Kiss is THE book of 2014!

Layla tries to fit in but being a half demon half gargoyle isn't easy. Most of her Warden family don't trust her because of her dangerous abilities and none of her friends know what she is. She wants a normal life and the only one she feels normal around is Zayne. But when demon Roth enters the picture things start to get complicated. Torn between everything she has ever thought was good and learning that maybe the demon part of her isn't all that bad Layla has a tough decision to make. Can she make the right one without destroying her family... or the world?

If you'd have asked me about a book about Gargoyles a few years back I'd have probably replied don't be silly who would write about gargoyles? What story is there there? Jennifer L Armentrout is the queen of taking unusual creatures and making me fall in love with them. First there was Obsidian that made me love an alien book. Something I never thought I would love. Now I'm pretty sure I'm in love with a Gargoyle!

Gargoyle's are such unusual creatures to write about and I honestly never thought I would see the day where there was a awesome paranormal book featuring gargoyles. It doesn't surprise me whatsoever that it comes from the incredibly talented hands of the one and only Jennifer L Armentrout. Jennifer's phenomenal and addictive writing style just draws you in to this wonderful world of Wardens and Demons and she just doesn't let your attention wander for one second until you have finished the entire book! It's so freaking phenomenal!

Layla is such an awesome character. One thing I adore about Jennifer L Armentrout's characters is that you never see one of her heroines moaning about their life and troubles or waiting around for a guy to save her. Layla is no different. She is totally kick-ass and she wants to be out there killing the evil demons. I love her. She shows she is completely capable of everything the male Wardens are and I love it about her.

Zayne and Roth... how confused I am. Now usually in a YA Paranormal series when it comes to the love triangle I have a team. I know who I am rooting for and I get pretty damn angry regarding the other guy in the love triangle (think of my hatred of Seth in Covenant). Now this happens in every single book series! Jennifer what have you done to me? I can't choose! I can't like one more than the other. I immediately loved Zayne coz he is the good guy best friend who just wants to protect Layla and I always love the good guy and root for the good guy. BUT... the more I read of this book the more I started to love Roth and now I am just damn confused. I love them both equally and for the first time EVER I just can't choose between them. But I know what you are up to Ms Armentrout. I know she is going to make us even more confused in the next book! You mess with my mind Jen!

White Hot Kiss completely took over my life. I could not put it down. Not for a second. I sat and read the entire thing in one sitting (it's a damn good job I was off work the week I got this). The storyline is completely addictive where you are seriously hanging on the edge of your seat dying to know what happens. The romance is just heartmelting and you just can't wait to see what it going to happen regarding the relationships of the characters.

Jennifer L Armentrout is THE author to read. I could easily just re-read her books over and over and never read anything else by anyone else and still be perfectly happen. She is a writing god and I can't praise her enough. There are so many feels that you go through throughout all of her books but particularly this one. Jennifer is the best author in the world to me and no book quite compared to hers. In both the addictive story and the emotional trauma I seem to go through with every single one of her books. I just adore her.

White Hot Kiss is going to be THE series of 2014. It is a must-read for everyone and if you haven't read anything by JLA before well... what the hell are you waiting for? GO GO GO! White Hot Kiss completely blew me away and left me dying for more. I need Stone Cold Touch like RIGHT NOW!

"People with the purest souls are capable of the greatest evils. No one is perfect, no matter what they are or what side they fight for."


Monday, January 20

Audio Review: The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars
John Green

Published By: Dutton Books
Publication Date: January 10, 2012
Date Read: January 14, 2014
Genre: YA - Realistic Fiction
Source: Bought
Format: Audiobook
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.

First off let me just say that this book has been sat on my shelf for so long and I never dared pick it up... for a good reason. I am seriously the most emotional person ever and I cry at everything. Having said that this book broke me. Like seriously... I don't think I have ever cried so much in my entire life.

Hazel is terminal. She knows she will never live into full adulthood. While at Cancer Kid Support Group Hazel meets the gorgeous Augustus Waters, and her life changes. Entering into this incredibly friendship and romance with Augustus Hazel knows that it can't last forever. She doesn't want to leave Augustus by dying but can she really step away from the only joy she has ever known?

This was the first John Green book I read and it was also the first audiobook that I listened to. The narrator was superb and she really brought a great voice to Hazel and portrayed  her perfectly. For my first audiobook I am very very impressed. As for it being my first John Green book it is one of the most moving and emotional books I have ever read. It is incredibly well written and so thought-provoking and moving. I will most definitely be looking out more of John Green's books... though not before staking my freezer with Ben and Jerry's for the after-effects.

Hazel and Augustus are two of the best characters I have ever read about. Their love of books really made me identify with them. This was an incredibly clever move on John Green's part. Who would be reading this book? Book lovers so let's make both our protagonists book lovers so they identify with them. It worked and I just loved both of them. Hazel was such a strong character. She is dying having terminal cancer and not able to go anywhere without her oxygen tank yet she is so strong and looks at the positive in everything which is just so admirable in her. Augustus is just the epitome of awesome. I just adore him. He is such a sweetheart and the more and more I read the more I fell in love with him.

The Fault in our Stars was the book that I had wanted to read for forever but never picked it up because I knew it would break me... and it did. With John Green's powerful words my heart was in a vice and I could feel him slowly squeezing the life out of it the more I read until he ripped it out and splintered it into a million pieces. This book utterly broke my heart but it is still one of the most beautiful and incredible books I have ever read. I would most definitely suggest it to everybody... as long as you have tissues and comfort food for afterwards.

I Still Haven't Read...

This week's pick...

Revenants Series by Amy Plum:

#1 Die For Me (Already Read)
#2 Until I Die (Already Read)
#2.5 Die For Her (Already Read)
#3 If I Should Die
I adore this series. I really do. It was the first 'zombie' book that I obsessed over and loved. I was dying to get my hands on If I Should Die and seeing how the series ended because it's truly one of my favourite series. But it just sort of went on my shelf and I never got round to reading it. I love Amy Plum she's one of my favourite authors and I genuinelly can't wait to read the final book in this series but something always seems to come up just as I am about to read it.

Have you read this series?

Sunday, January 19

Book Haul

Hey Guys,
It's been a slow week for me in terms of reading but I did receive a few books this week. Check them out.

Hardcopy Books:


When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson #4) by Darynda Jones
13 Little Blue Envelopes (Little Blue Envelope #1) by Maureen Johnson
The Edge of Always (Edge of Never #2) by JA Redmerski

For Review:
 Perfect Lies (Mind Games #2) by Kiersten White
^Thanks to HarperCollinsUK


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (Review Up Tomorrow)
The Golden Lily (Bloodlines #2) by Richelle Mead
The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines #3) by Richelle Mead
Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief (Percy Jackson #1) by Rick Riordian

Wednesday, January 15

Waiting on Wednesday

This week's pick...

Maggie Stiefvater

Published By: Scholastic Press
Publication Date: July 1, 2014
Genre: YA - Paranormal Romance
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
Sinner follows Cole St. Clair, a pivotal character from the #1 New York Times bestselling Shiver Trilogy. Everybody thinks they know Cole's story. Stardom. Addiction. Downfall. Disappearance. But only a few people know Cole's darkest secret -- his ability to shift into a wolf. One of these people is Isabel. At one point, they may have even loved each other. But that feels like a lifetime ago. Now Cole is back. Back in the spotlight. Back in the danger zone. Back in Isabel's life. Can this sinner be saved?

I read the Shiver Trilogy years ago and I was pretty disappointed with the final book, mainly because I felt like there was no read ending for Cole and Isabel. I am so excited that we finally get to see Cole and Izzy's story. They were my favourite characters in Linger and Forever so I can't wait to see what happened to them.

Tuesday, January 14

Non-Review: Asphodel (Underworld Trilogy #1)

Asphodel (Underworld Trilogy #1)
Lauren Hammond

Published By: SB Addison Books
Publication Date: December 20, 2011
Date DNF'd: January 11, 2014
Genre: YA - Mythology
Source: Bought
Format: E-Book
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
Persephone has been running for her entire life. Running from the humans to keep her immortality a secret. And running from a man who haunts her dreams. Not a man but a god, who will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants. And what he wants most, is her.

Trapped in the realm of the dead, Persephone plans to return to the land of the living. The underworld is a terrifying place where ghosts roam freely, three headed dogs patrol the gates, and it’s a living grave where the rules of earth and the warmth of the sun no longer apply. But then, something unexpected happens. Persephone finds herself falling for the god who abducted her, the god who has chased her for five thousand years, a god who is none other than death himself, Hades.

Ripped out of the underworld by Zeus, Persephone must find a pomegranate to return to the realm of the dead and to her beloved. Consuming only a seed of the fruit of the dead would bind Persephone to spend her life beneath the earth’s core with Hades. But Zeus has reduced every pomegranate tree in the world to ash. Except one. Persephone must locate that one remaining pomegranate tree, a quest that could ignite a war between the two mightiest of the god’s. A war that could cause Persephone to lose the only family she’s ever known or give up a love that comes only once every five thousand years

Asphodel was one of those books that when it first came out I went and downloaded it onto my kindle. I love books that have mythology in them, especially ones that include greek mythology as I'm a total greek mythology geek. I was really looking forward to reading this one and I thought the blurb sounded great. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this book and I only got to about 30% when I just couldn't read it anymore.

Lauren Hammond really has done a good job of taking the Persephone-Hades myth and giving it a twist and new life in the form of this very different take of the story. I really commend her for that and it's great to see new Persephone-Hades stories as it is one of my favourite myths. Unfortunately the rest of the book just fell completely flat for me.

Persephone, having been one of my favourite characters in mythology prior to this, really drove me crazy. I seriously hated her in this book. Considering that this book states that she thousands of years old she really acts like a twelve year old moaning, whiny brat! I just wanted to give her a slap to shut her the hell up! This is such a pet hate of mine in books. I cannot stand main protagonists who don't stop complaining and act like they can't do anything by themselves. And that is Persephone in this book.

If the thing with Persephone was the only thing I could've probably continued and finished the book but alas that is just the tip of the iceberg. Lauren did do a good job of bringing originality to this myth but honestly I was just bored stupid. I wasn't interested in the story or any of the characters and I ended up trying to find anything else to do rather than pick up and read this book.

Lauren's writing style is not the best I have come across. It completely prevented me from connecting with any of the characters or anything to do with the story. I just found myself reading just to get further through the book and constantly checking the percentage at the bottom of my kindle to see how much further I was. I didn't care about anything that was happening. Add that to the fact that this book reads like a first draft I just couldn't continue.

Asphodel reads like it has not been edited at all. The amount of grammatical and spelling errors in this book is unbelievable. I am a beta reader for authors so I get to read really early copies of books and even those don't have the amount of errors in it that I found in this one. And I read the unedited versions of some of these books. There was serious spelling errors and wrong choices of words in some places. At one point Hades was referred to as a 'her'.

Asphodel was a book that I really wanted to like as I do adore mythological stories but there was just too much in this book that I hated and too many editorial errors. To me this book was just really bad and based from this I don't think I will be picking up anything else by this author.

Monday, January 13

I Still Haven't Read...

This week's pick...

Vampire Queen Series by Rebecca Maizel:

#1 Infinite Days (Already Read)
#2 Stolen Night
This is another one that I read the first one a while ago and just never got round to reading the sequel. I loved Infinite Days so much. It was such a unique and fresh take for a vampire book. I haven't been in the mood to read a vampire book is a while as I now feel that there was so many vampire books hyped up a few years back that they have just been overdone a bit. I'm hoping by adding this one to my iChoose4U app will give me the motivation to dive into Stolen Night and finally read it. 

Have you read this series?


Sunday, January 12

Book Haul

Hardcopy Books:

For Review:

A Breath of Frost (Lovegrove Legacy #1) by Alyxandra Harvey
When Mr Dog Bites by Brian Conaghan
Red Rising (Red Rising Trilogy #1) by Pierce Brown


The Vincent Brothers (Vincent Boys #2) by Abbi Glines
Unhinged (Splintered #2) by AG Howard
^I have already read both of these but I needed to get paperbacks.


For Review:

The Other Tree by DK Mok

Saturday, January 11

Review: Until Fountatin Bridge

Until Fountain Bridge (On Dublin Street #1.5)
Samantha Young

Published By: Penguin
Publication Date: June 20, 2013
Date Read: December 24, 2013
Genre: Adult - Contemporary Romance
Source: Bought
Format: E-Book
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
An exclusive novella featuring Ellie and Adam, much loved characters from On Dublin Street and Down London Road

Ellie Carmichael has been in love with Adam Sutherland for as long as she can remember. What started as a childhood crush on the protective and best friend of her older brother bloomed into full-blown infatuation over the years. Unfortunately, it also meant full-blown heartache, as Adam refused to fall for his mate's little sister.

But it takes a crisis for Adam to realize he's wasted too much time denying his feelings for her. Unwilling to waste a second more, he decided to make Ellie his, no matter what the consequences. Now happily settled with the woman he's pined after for years, he's about to find out what their ten year courtship was like for her, through the journals she kept during their ups and many downs. And though Adam may have Ellie now, he has no idea how close he came to losing her . . .

Right from the moment I started On Dublin Street I fell in love with Samantha Young's writing and storytelling. One of my favourite characters in On Dublin Street was Ellie and so when I heard Samantha was publishing a short story that would tell Ellie and Adam's story I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

Ellie has been in love with her brothers best friend for as long as she can remember. She never thought that he could love her back. But now he does. As Ellie and Adam sit down with her many diaries they revisit their past and all the time they could have been together... and how Adam could have lost Ellie forever.

One thing I loved about this novella was the incredibly clever way Samantha wrote this. When I sat down to read it I was prepared to be going back in time before the time that On Dublin Street is set... and we do in a way. I wasn't prepared to be faced with happy Ellie and Adam present day living through their past through Ellie's diaries that she has wrote. I really loved how we got all of these events through Ellie's point of view but at the end of each chapter we got how it also affected Adam. It was so superbly and cleaverly written.

Ellie and Adam's story is so cute and amazing. I am so happy that Samantha wrote this and we got to see their story both pre and post On Dublin Street. Until Fountain Bridge is an amazing installment in the series and is a must read for any fan of Samantha Young.

Wednesday, January 8

Waiting on Wednesday

This week's pick...

Graduation Day (The Testing #3)
Joelle Charbonneau

Published By: HMH for Younger Readers
Publication Date: June 3, 2014
Genre: YA - Dystopia
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47_zps3cd819f5.png

From Goodreads:
In book three of the Testing series, the United Commonwealth wants to eliminate the rebel alliance fighting to destroy The Testing for good. Cia is ready to lead the charge, but will her lethal classmates follow her into battle?

She wants to put an end to the Testing
In a scarred and brutal future, The United Commonwealth teeters on the brink of all-out civil war. The rebel resistance plots against a government that rules with cruelty and cunning. Gifted student and Testing survivor, Cia Vale, vows to fight.

But she can't do it alone.
This is the chance to lead that Cia has trained for - but who will follow? Plunging through layers of danger and deception, Cia must risk the lives of those she loves--and gamble on the loyalty of her lethal classmates.

Who can Cia trust?
The stakes are higher than ever-lives of promise cut short or fulfilled; a future ruled by fear or hope--in the electrifying conclusion to Joelle Charbonneau's epic Testing trilogy. Ready or not…it's Graduation Day.

The Final Test is the Deadliest!

I am sooooo excited for this book. I need this book in my hands like right now. It's no surprise to anyone how much I love dystopia novels. They are like my obsession. I love them! Well I completely fell in love with this series last year and I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Indpendent Study from BEA thanks to my girl Brooke from the Cover Contessa. Well that just makes my dying for this one worse! It's the final of the series and I just need to know how it's going to end and I need it like right now. Roll on June.

Monday, January 6

I Still Haven't Read...

Hey Guys,
Welcome to the first 'I Still Haven't Read...' of 2014. So this month I'm gonna do something a little bit different. Rather than featuring a new series I haven't started I'm going to feature series that I have started but haven't finished so the 'I Still Haven't Read' will be books further on in the series.

First of all my 2013 Progress:

From all of the 2013 I Still Haven't Read books I featured I have now read... 2
That shameful isn't it? I'm so behind on books it's actually unreal.
Anyway the two I have finally read are...
(click on the cover for my review)

And now this week's pick...

Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver:

#0.5 Annabel
#1 Delirium (Already Read)
#1.5 Hana (Already Read)
#2 Pandemonium
#2.5 Raven
#3 Requiem
#3.5 Alex (Haven't Got Yet)

I read and loved Delirium a few year back, before any of the novellas were published and before Pandemonium was released. I own the whole series but I just haven't got around to reading the rest of the series. I am hoping to re-read Delirium before I read the others because it's been so long since I read it. 
Have you read this series?