Saturday, November 30

Wrapping Up Netgalley November

So this month I, along with Laura from Bookish Treasures and Faye from A Daydreamer's Thoughts hosted the Netgalley November Challenge.

Back at the beginning of the month I challenged myself to...

Medium: 5-10 books

My feedback percentage at the beginning of the challenge was: 23%

My Progress by the end...

I finished a total of 7 Netgalley books and I DNF'd 1. So I achieved my goal as it was inbetween the two for Medium. YAY

Here are the books I finished...

I have sent feedback to all but one so far (Pawn which I literally just finished this morning). My feedback rating is now: 28.1%

I am really happy with how much I got done this month on top of working my hours + overtime. My percentage is still no anywhere near where it should be so I am still going to keep reading my netgalley books. I am hoping to alternate so read one personal read, one netgalley book or something like that until I get caught up completely.

To see how I liked each of these books plus the additional book I read this month join me tomorrow for my November Wrap-up vlog and post.

I love Netgalley November so plan to host it next year as well. How did you all do?
Do you plan to rejoin next year?

Let me know


  1. Well done Kayleigh! It looks like you read some great books too. A few of them I've been wanting to read forever. :)


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