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Recapping Book Signing with Sarah Rees Brennan and Holly Black

Hey Guys,
So this week one of the most exciting things happened to me... I met Holly Black and Sarah Rees Brennan.

I went to this super awesome bookstore in Newcastle, a city in the North East of England. It was called Seven Stories... and yes it actually DOES have Seven Stories. It's a store dedicated to Children's and YA Fiction and I would like to live there!

So after browsing the beauty of their bookstore and spending a ridiculous amount of money on books we were took up to the seventh floor where there stood a rather awesome throne, where our awesome authors really wanted to sit as it reminded us all of the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones.

So after waiting in anticipation for them to arrive they arrived and after making us all laugh decided to read excerpts from their books.

Here is Holly Black reading from her newest work The Coldest Girl in Coldtown and let me say after hearing her reading a part from it I am dying to dive into this book...

Then it was Sarah's turn. And after claiming that "Some authors write Stand-alones and some write serieseses (yes she DID say it like that) she asked us all if we wanted to hear some from the first book in her Lyburn Legacy novel, Unspoken... the second book, Untold OR the unpublished, unedited "and probably needs re-writing" third novel Unmade. Naturally we all opted for the unedited Unmade. I haven't started this series yet but from the excerpt she read I cannot wait to read them... but I am a little afraid too!

After the readings came the Q&A Session which consisted of Sarah claiming her love for TV shows such as 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'Revenge' which made me go OMG they are like two of my fave shows ever.
It also consisted of Sarah doing a hilarious reenactment of 'Rebecca' a novel that I have never read but now think if I did it wouldn't quite match up to Sarah's reenactment of it.

We heard about how Holly and Sarah got into writing, what their first works were and how Sarah came to meet Holly and the amazing Cassandra Clare.

Honestly both authors are the most down-to-earth awesome people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting though I am a little afraid of starting Sarah's novels after hearing of her pleasure of hurting readers emotions. She claimed that when readers say they cried at her books she says 'Thank You'. She also stated that she believes to never end a book well and when asked but what about book 3 from Holly replied "What about Book 3?" to which Holly made a whimpering noise. I am most definitely afraid.

And guess what?!?! There was another blogger there! Sat right behind me and Bekah and she asked them what they thought of book bloggers to which they answered that they were awesome as "word of mouth is the best way to get the books out there" and Sarah said she gets most recommendations from bloggers.

My one regret is I never got to meet the blogger, Rita from Weaving Pages as we never got chance to talk. She was sat right behind me but she's a lot younger than me and her Dad was there and I thought if a crazy excited person jumped round he may get concerned for his daughters safety. I thought I best behave. BUT we are planning on meeting at some point, especially if there's another signing.

After the Q&A session we were directed to go down to the bookstore for a book signing. Keeping in mind we were on the Seventh floor and we had to go down to the Third floor me and Bekah decided to get the lift (we Brits call an Elevator a lift). And in behind us came Sarah and Holly. I'm pretty sure me and Bekah looked like this...

We just couldn't speak and didn't know what to say. We were alone in a lift with the authors. I mean they are like ROCKSTARS.

And then after they were out of earshot we were like: WE WERE IN THE LIFT WITH SARAH REES BRENNAN AND HOLLY BLACK!

And then we were first in line to get our books signed...

While chatting with them Sarah asked who my fave author was after saying JLA she said "I hope you get to meet Jen one day"


Then we were talking about TV shows and after saying that YES I love Vampire Diaries and YES I loved Damon she would write 'Team Damon' in one of my books. And after discussing Revenge she said that I was wrong and Emily shouldn't end up with Jack but Nolan and she was writing it in my book so I can look at it and she will change my mind...

And then me and Bekah realised that we didn't have a picture so we waited till the end when everyone has got their books signed and went back to get a picture took with them...

It was without a doubt the best day of my life. I really hope they decide to come back to Newcastle at some point as I would love to meet them again. They are just fantastic people.


  1. Wow, I loved reading this blog and it sounds like you had an amazing time!! I have never read any of Sarah Rees Brennan's books (although one is in my TBR list, which you can find on my blog but I've read some of Holly's and they're amazing.

    And as for that book shop. WHAT!? Why have I never been there! And why, oh why, isn't it a little closer to home?

    Ashleigh x


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