Friday, November 1

Netgalley November IS HERE

That's right people Netgalley November is here.
The month in which we try and catch up on all of our Netgalley books!

Now if you haven't signed up for Netgalley November yet and would like to join in CLICK HERE

My Personal Challenge:

The categories are:
Easy: 1-4
Medium: 5-10
Hard: 11-15
Difficult: 16-20
Netgalley Superstar: 21+
I am going for....
I'm not reading a whole lot right now so 10 for me will be a challenge. We will see how I go.
The Books To Read:
Now I have soooo many Netgalley books to read I think I have over 40 so I am hoping to get 10 read. These are the 10 I plan on tackling but they can change depending on my mood when started a new one.

I am hoping I can get through the majority, if not all, of these titles. Some of them are already released but I am really behind so I am mainly using this month to catch up with the ones I am behind on, as well as some of the ones I am dying to read.

I am starting with the one and only Unhinged by AG Howard. I fell head over heels in love with Morpheus... erm... I mean Splintered this month so I am dying for more from Morpheus this series.

I will be doing weekly updates on how I am doing and they will go up on the Saturday of each week. There will be NO post on Saturday this week but there will be next week. 

So let me know what you are challenging yourself to...

See you on Saturday November 9th



  1. I'm shooting for 5 to 6 books in November. I actually only have 8 books to review on NetGalley, so if I can finish all of them, I'd be a happy camper :)

  2. Bending The Spine2 November 2013 at 12:11

    Wow! I don't know that I could get through that many. I hope you get through them all and that the are each amazing:)


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