Monday, November 18

I Still Haven't Read...

This week's pick...

Under the Never Sky Series by Veronica Rossi:

#0.5 Roar and Liv (Haven't Got Yet)
#1 Under the Never Sky
#2 Through the Ever Night
#2.5 Brooke (Out Nov 26, 2013)
#3 Into the Still Blue (Out Jan 28, 2013)

This hasn't actually been sat on my shelf at home for very long. The books themselves have been on my wishlist ever since the first one released. My Mum bought me these two for my birthday in May but since I've wanted to read them for such a long time I decided I would feature them anyway. I have heard good things about this series and I am really looking forward to starting on the series but I really want to get Roar and Liv first and start with the prequel novella.
Have you read this series?


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