Saturday, October 5

Introducing... Netgalley November SIGN-UPs

Introducing Netgalley November, a month-long challenge/feature hosted here on K-Books, co-hosted with Laura from Bookish Treasures and in conjunction with Faye from A Daydreamers Thoughts.

The Origin on NetGalley November:

So if you're a blogger/reviewer I'm sure you are all familiar with the awesomesauce that is Netgalley. Well recently you can see your percentage of feedback given (should be 80%) and after mine was crazy low I realised just how many Netgalley books I have and haven't read. When talking to Laura I mentioned that I was thinking of doing a personal challenge in November called Netgalley November where I would try to get through as many of my Netgalley books as I could. After agreeing she would like to do this too we decided to co-host this on both our blogs...

Enter Faye who yesterday posted sign-ups for Netgalley November on her blog. This is definitely a case of great minds think alike as neither of us knew the other was planning this. So we decided that we would join forces and host it on all three of our blogs.

So what do you need to do?

This is completely a personal challenge so if you want to join in with Netgalley November just sign-up below.
On the first of November, write a blog post/twitter or Facebook status saying you are joining #NetgalleyNovember and how many books you plan to do and then keep us updated on how many you manage to read.

Challenge Categories:

Easy: 1-4
Medium: 5-10
Hard: 11-15
Difficult: 16-20
Netgalley Superstar: 21+

Now because my reading speed isn't the fastest I'm going for HARD I'm hoping to read at least 9/10 Netgalley books so 11 - 15 makes it a little more of a challenge for me.

Grab a Banner

Grab the banner from above OR grab Faye's own made banner to show your support...



  1. This is an excellent idea! I'm going to have to join this! :)

  2. How are you able to know your percentage? Regardless, I love this and will definitely be joining in!

  3. Hi, Sarah.

    If you go to Netgally and click on your profile, it will tell you how many requests you have, how many you've given feedback on, and then your percentage.

  4. Thanks - mine is a 58.8% - ouch!

  5. Ekk i found my feedback 24%....I am transfering some of my reviews over now so hopefully that improves. Over the past year i have been approved for 24 so I dont think the instant download books should count.

  6. I love this idea! I'll put together a post about my goals sometime this weekend, but I think I'll aim for hard. Ahhh, NetGalley November plus NaNoWriMo, that should be interesting.


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