Monday, September 30

I Still Haven't Read...

Welcome to another installment of 'I Still Haven't Read...'

This weeks selection is...

The Mazu Runner Series by James Dashner:

#0.5 The Kill Order (Haven't Got Yet)
#1 The Maze Runner
#2 The Scorch Trails
#3 The Death Cure

I picked up this series about 2 years ago and I still have yet to read it. It sounds amazing and I don't know why I haven't read it yet other than I just never got round to it. I know that there is a movie of The Maze Runner been made and I cannot wait to see it so I am hoping that I get this series read before the movie comes out.

Have you read this series?


  1. Honestly I didn't really like the series.. But I'm looking forward to seeing how the movie will turn out

  2. I really enjoyed this series including the prequel. I hope you get around to reading it sometime soon and definitely before the movie comes out.


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