Monday, September 23

I Still Haven't Read...

Welcome to another installment of 'I Still Haven't Read...'

This weeks selection is...

Gone Series by Michael Grant:

#1 Gone
#2 Hunger
#3 Lies
#4 Plague
#5 Fear
#6 Light (Haven't Got Yet)

This is another series that after hearing amazing things about I bought on my book shopping trip with Bekah from Reflective Bookworm. I am a huge fan of Dystopia so I knew that I just had to buy this series. I haven't yet bought Light (book 6) as I am waiting for the paperback to release in the UK so that they match. The main reason I haven't read this series yet is because I would love to read them all together and that would take a bit of time with there being 6 books and they aren't exactly short and quick reads so I've mainly been waiting until book 6 gets released in paperback and when I have time to read all 6 together.
Have you read this series?

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