Monday, September 2

I Still Haven't Read...

Hey Guys,
Welcome to another 'I Still Haven't Read...'
Now last week was my first time doing 'I Still Haven't Read...' and I got a fantastic suggestion from my good friend Christine from Rainy Day Reads. A while back she introduced me to this fantastic app called iChoose4U which now decided all of the books I read for me as I am just far too indecisive. Well I have a few iChoose4U lists which include personal reads and review books. She suggested that at the end of each month I add the four books (or some months five) books that I have featured on here into my personal list to be selected the next month. I absolutely love this idea and so I have already added last weeks selection into it and at the end of September I will be adding the upcoming five weeks books into it.

Here is todays selection.

Splintered Series by A.G Howard:

#1 Splintered
#2 Unhinged (Out Jan 7, 2014)
#3 Ensnared (Out 2015)

I bought this book after having wanting to read it for a long time and then when I was shopping with fellow blogger Bekah from Reflective Bookworm she told me I just had to get it. I still haven't read it but I really want to read it before Unhinged is released in January.


  1. Oh, you have to get on this! I loved this book so much I want to hug it and give it kisses!


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