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Blog Tour: Chaos (Kardia Chronicles #1)

Hey Guys,
I'm so excited to be a part of the blog tour for Chaos, the first installment in Christine O'Neil's Kardia Chronicles series.

Chaos (Kardia Chronicles #1)
Christine O'Neil

Published By: Entangled Teen
Publication Date: August 19, 2013
Genre: YA - Paranormal / Mythological
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From Goodreads:
My name is Maggie Raynard. After sixteen years being just plain me, suddenly, when I lose my temper, my fingers become weapons of mass destruction. Turns out I'm a semi-god, descended from Aphrodite. Sounds cool in theory, but when I accidentally put my ex-boyfriend in a coma, things go downhill pretty fast.

Now some new guy named Mac Finnegan has made it his mission in life to continually piss me off. I'm stuck learning how to use my new powers while also dealing with regular high school problems, and with this annoying—and super-hot—guy all up in my business, I'm about to flip out.

But it gets worse. I just learned there's this watchdog council of semis who keeps an eye out for any bad apples. They think I'm the baddest of the bunch and want to take me out before I do any more damage. My nemesis Mac might turn out to be my salvation, only he's got secrets of his own...and they may just kill us both.

I have already had the pleasure of reading and reviewing this book. You can check out my review by clicking here.

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Now I'm so excited to welcome our super awesome Lead Heroine Maggie to the blog to talk to us about her life as a semi-god...

A Day in the Life of a semi-god Named Maggie
6:00 a.m.
Alarm blares the same song, every day. Runaround Sue. Because it was my dad’s favorite. Still, I forget that in a haze of sleep, and slap that clock across the room like I was a pimp and it was my ho’. I procrastinate for a while, laying in my bed, wondering how sick I’d have to pretend to be for Mom to let me stay home from school. Then I remember if I don’t go to school, I can’t go out after school which means I won’t get to train with Mac.
I roll out of bed, shivering, because New Hampshire. Then I shuffle into that bathroom, splash my face with some cold water, brush my teeth and get ready for school. I slap a set of cherry Pop Tarts into the toaster, pour myself a cup of coffee and wait impatiently for my breakfast of champions. Finally, they come sailing out of the slots and I plug the tarts into my facehole and chew.
Then I swallow.
Pretty exciting stuff so far, am I right? But see, that’s only the OUTSIDE stuff. On the INSIDE, shit is popping. The power is snapping and wriggling and moving, like a mess of writhing snakes inside me, dying to find their way out. I can go to school, but the whole time I’m there, it will be work to keep it under control. I’ll be pushing down all day, tense and clench-y, because if not? If I let go for one split second? I could kill someone. Because that’s what my power is. Unpredictable. Impossible for me to control (at this point, anyway). And deadly.
So I weigh my options, go upstairs and select a treasure from my collection. A locket with a picture of someone else’s dad in it. I fasten it around my neck and let its energy seep into me…filling me up…warming me from the inside out. And I feel better. A little. I jog down the stairs and wait for Bink to pick me up. In the meantime, I blast a half-dead holly bush with a pulse of energy to blow off a little more steam, and the tiny red berries explode, in what looks like a rain of blood, spattering my jeans. Not awesome. Even when I try to be good, it turns out just a little nor so good. Before I can get into the house to change, Bink pulls up in his Firebird.
“What’s all over your pants?” he asks as I slide into the passenger’s seat.
“Spaghetti sauce,” I say with a shrug. Because, oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my best friend since age one doesn’t know that I’m a semi-god so I have to lie to him on the regular.
“Dude, spaghetti for breakfast? That’s gross even for you.”
It was totally not out of the realm because I’m not known for my discerning palate or anything. To me, the perfect meal would be a pretzel dog with a side of mac and cheese and a Twinkie for dessert. High class, all the way.
I make some non-commital humming sound with my mouth and turn the radio up. As much as I know I can’t tell Bink about who and what I am, I frigging hate lying to him, so I try to keep the lies to the minimum.
He and I bicker over what station to listen to for a while and then we’re at school. School is…school. Aside from lunch with Libby and some chatter about my advice column, it mostly sucks donkey nuts. I could go into detail about what happens during the rest of the day, lectures on solving for x, famous orators, making sure to state the question in my answer, showing my work, and the symbol for sulfur, but you guys already prolly know the deal on that stuff, right? So I’ll skip to after school.
Training with Mac.
We usually meet behind an abandoned house in our neighborhood. On paper, that seems sorta dumb and a little serial murder-y. Like, if someone was all, “Meet me behind the abandoned house at four, and don’t be late”, a smart chick would be like, “Yeah, um, I think I’ll pass on that, Rapey McRaperson. But thanks for the invite.”
Not me, though.
Frankly, from the get go, I didn’t have much of a choice. It was that, or go with him to the Council and have them strip my powers. Which, I found out later, is even less fun than it sounds. So I met him behind the creepy house and have ever since.
Today’s lesson is hand to hand combat. If he knew how much I took advantage of this particular type of lesson, he would probably stop. I’m not proud of it, but I take any chance I get to have his hands on me and remind him of the fact that, while the rules might say we can’t be together, I’m not giving up. I won’t. I don’t know how I know it, but we’re meant for each other. Like Oreos and grape soda. Like eggs and ketchup. Like Marshmallow Fluff and chocolate bar sandwiches. And if I can’t get him to realize it today, then I’ll try again tomorrow.
Cuz I’m stubborn like that.

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 Connect with Christine:
Christine O’Neil is one half of the happiest couple in the world. She and her handsome hubby currently reside in Pennsylvania with a four-pack of teenage boys and their two dogs, Gimli and Pug. If she gets time off from her duties as maid, chef, chauffeur, or therapist, she can be found reading just about anything she can get her hands on, from Young Adult novels to books on poker theory. She doesn’t like root beer, clowns or bugs (except ladybugs, on account of their cute outfits), but lurrves chocolate, going to the movies, the New York Giants and playing Texas Hold ‘Em. Writing is her passion, but if she had to pick another occupation, she would be a pirate…or, like, a ninja maybe. She loves writing fun and adventure-filled romance stories, but also hopes to one day publish something her dad can read without wanting to dig his eyes out with rusty spoons. Christine loves to hear from readers, so please feel free to get in touch with her via the Contact Page. Christine also writes adult romance under the name Christine Bell.
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