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Review: One Perfect Summer (One Perfect #1)

One Perfect Summer (One Perfect #1)
Paige Toon

Published By: Simon and Schuster UK
Publication Date: May 10, 2012
Date Read: July 24, 2013
Genre: Adult - Chick Lit
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages: 464
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From Goodreads:
'And you still love him?'
'Every second of every minute of every hour of every day…'

While on holiday in Dorset one summer, Alice meets Joe, a guy working at the local pub. She's eighteen and on the brink of starting university, while Joe's life is seemingly going nowhere. But despite their differences, the pair fall hopelessly and desperately in love. And then summer comes to an end and they are dramatically torn apart.

Alice heads off to university in Cambridge where she gets a part-time job punting on the River Cam and slowly picks up the pieces of her broken heart. One day Lukas - a gorgeous golden boy from Cambridge University - spies her and it's not long before Alice falls for his charms.

Months turns into years, but then Joe comes back into Alice's life again in a way that she could never have imagined. While Alice lives her ordinary life with Lukas, she has to watch from the sidelines as Joe's life becomes evermore extraordinary. She never stopped loving him, but he's out of her reach now, surely? And what about Lukas?

I am such a huge fan of Paige Toon's novels so when I heard about this one I instantly couldn't wait to get my hands on it to read it. One Perfect Summer is everything you have come to expect from Paige Toon. Heartstopping romance, super hot guys and a lot of insane tension. And I love it!

Once again Paige proved just how great she is. Her easy-to-read writing style completely captured me right at the start and as usual I flew through the book as I just couldn't put the damn thing down. Paige has proven that she is an incredibly talented storyteller and I just adore her. I get completely invested into her characters that I just cannot put the book down as I cannot wait to read what is going to happen to them.

Unlike other Paige Toon books I had an issue with this one. As much as I loved Alice and Joe together and was totallu rooting for them to be together in the end, the beginning of the book which entails their romance was my least favourite part of the book. I just found it pretty unbelievable and the romance happened so quickly that I felt like it was rushed. I loved their romance later on but at the beginning they have only met once or twice and are swearing they are in love. It has a insta-love feel and like a lot of bloggers I don't like insta-love. I get that there was two time frames in the book and there was only so much time to fit in their relationship but it just happened way too fast for me to be on board with.

I really liked Alice. I thought she was a great character to read about though she does have a tendency to rush into things. Alice really grew on me the more I read and once Lukas came into the picture I actually ended up liking Alice more.

The guys... well I have mixed feelings on one of them. Joe is of course a given. I loved him. He is the perfect guy that every girl will fall head over heels in love with. Lukas... I liked him too... to start. Speaking to a friend about this book she didn't like Lukas at all but I genuinelly loved him when we first met him. He was sweet and mended Alice's broken heart. It wasn't until later in the book that I started to really dislike him. I felt like he completely changed and wasn't the same character that I had loved in the beginning. I would have really liked to see a Lukas POV in the book so I could kind of see what he was thinking and what happened to him to make him from the sweet guy to the guy who I ended up really hating.

Although I had a few issues with this book I still loved it and Paige Toon still remains the Queen of Chick Lit to me. She is fantastic and I am actually hoping we get a sequel to this book as I would love to see what happens after the end. I really enjoyed it. It's not my favourite Paige Toon book but it was still enjoyable. I can't wait for her next novel.


  1. This sounds kinda cute, although your thoughts on the beginning have me a little skeptical on the book, but I do need a good chick lit book every now and then so I might check this out. Great review, Kay!


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