Thursday, August 1

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 7 - Write About Your Blogging Quirks

Talk about your Blogging Quirks

Blogging Quirks huh?
Well this is a toughie for me as I don't really think I have any.

I don't have to pre-schedule posts. I try to to save time but if I don't it's no biggie. The only time I usually pre-schedule is for blog tours. The rest of the time I just post on the day.

So here is just a few of things that I can say might be quirks?

1. I have insane obsessions with certain authors/publishers. I mean really. I. Am. Obsessed. My obsessions? Jennifer L Armentrout is the biggest. I just adore her soooooo much and yes I'm epically obsessed. Same goes with Spencer Hill Press. So freaking obsessed with them. They are too awesome for words.

2. If I love a book I fangirl... A LOT! My review will always contain OMG and AMAZING about fifty times because I just fangirl non stop about it.

3. No matter what book I read there is always a boy that I fall head over heels in love for and see them not as a fictional boy but my book boyfriend and I will fight everyone for him because... well he's MINE!

And... that's about it really. I don't really have many.


  1. Kayleigh, you sound like me too. I'm a total fangirl when I really love something. I think that's why I love YA so much. I haven't read anything by Jennifer L Armentrout. What do you like about her and which book do you recommend the most? I like contemporary YA, but I'm open to reading other stuff as well.


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