Thursday, August 8

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 14 - Tell Us Your Deal breakers

Tell Us Your Dealbreakers

For Books:

A kick-ass heroine. If the heroine is bugging the life out of me I'm not going to enjoy the book. I can't like books where I don't like the characters. No moaning about everything please.

Realism - I don't want none of this love at first like crap! I was my relationships to be realistic. Something that even if it's in a paranormal novel it could still happen in everyday life.

Interest - I need interest within the first 100 pages. If I get to page 100 and I'm bored well I'm just not going to continue and waste my time reading something I am not liking.

For Blogging:

Quiet - I don't want no sound on blogs because most of the time they make me jump out of my skin as I am not expecting it.

NO BASHING - I like everyone else find books that I just don't like, some of them I downright HATE (*cough* Fifty Shades *cough*) but that doesn't mean you can bash the book or author. I am one of these bloggers who thoroughly believes that you have the right to write whatever the hell you want. You've took the time to read the book and it IS your blog so you have every right to state your opinion. That's what it is YOUR OPINION but do so in a dignified manner. State that you know others like it you just didn't because of ..... don't bash books, authors or other readers whoe enjoyed the book. That's just being ignorant! Reading is subjective!


  1. I agree with the realism thing. Love at first sight is one that definitely bothers me because it's unrealistic and overused. Other people argue that books are fiction and don't have to be like real life, but if I don't think something sounds realistic I get sucked out of the book.


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