Wednesday, August 7

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 13 - Underappreciated Book Everyone Should Read

Describe the Underappreciated Book Everyone Should Read

This is definitely a tough one for me. I instantly knew which book I would talk about here but I don't really see it as underappreciated. It's a book from my favourite self-pubbed author and I love her to pieces. I don't think her work is underappreciated as everyone who has read it loves it BUT it is unknown to a lot of people. 

Eden Series by Janelle Stalder

Eden is the fantasy series that made me love fantasy. Going into the first book I was skeptical because fantasy wasn't usually my thing but Janelle being the sweetheart she is sent me a signed copy of the first book so I went in with an open mind and she blew my socks off!

Eden tells the story of a young boy, Aiden. He is the unpopular nerd at school... until he crosses over into the land of Eden. Pitched at a mighty warrior who will help them win this unending war with a all powerful Sorceror Aiden must do all he can to help the people of Eden. Meeting friends including Elise, the daughter of the head of the army who is deadly and beautiful and Wolf, the arrogant yet drop-dead-gorgeous warrior, they help Aiden to become the Warrior that the people of Eden believe.

I love, love, love this series. I have just beta read the final installment and it literally blew me away. Janelle is one author that deserves much more attention because she is honestly phenomenal. I love her so much and so she definitely deserves this spot on my challenge.


  1. I've never actually even heard of this series... Maybe I should check them out!


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