Sunday, August 4

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 10 - How Do You Choose What Book To Read Next?

How Do You Choose What Book To Read Next?

Basically... I don't.

I let me trusty little app iChoose4U on my iPad choose for me. 

I have around 500 unread books, including hardcopies and e-books, books I've bought, review books and beta reads. I always know which ones I am interested in reading next so I tend to have a few lists wrote in my book journal:

Review - E-Books
Review - Hardcopies
Beta Reads

And I alternate between them. I'll have 5-10 books on each list and I'll go down them, like one from personal followed by one review and so on. I put the titles I have selected into iChoose4U and click Choose and whichever comes out I read next.
I am far far far too indecisive to be able to choose myself. The only time I actually choose myself is if I have a blog tour coming up and I must get the book read before the certain date. Otherwise this app rules my reading life.

Example of How It Works:

This was one of my 'Review - Hardcopy' Lists



  1. Thank you. Just got sent here because of TeaTime on EpicReads. This app sounds great, cant wait to try it


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